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We have a 1985 subaru 1.6L 4wd turbo, manual trans. It has a weird starying issue that I wanted to see if anyone could help with. It has plenty of battery, fuel and all the 'regular' items needed to start, it simply will not turn over consistantly. Here's the illness; it will crank normally (for a brief few turns) than actually 'lock-up' as if the engine itself is being blocked or something, you can see it is trying to still turn it over, then it will try to crank again at normal crank speed and repeat the same pattern. We've tried a new starter, same problem. We've tried to turn the engine over by hand via a socket on the crank and it seems as if the motor turns over fine. Any suggestions on where we should look next to resolve this? Sure would appreicate any older Subaru knowledge out there.


posted by  jerris

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