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i'm new to driving a stick, i'm wondering whats a good way to shift on racing with a rsx premium?........or just shift to make the car accelerate faster

posted by  chibi

high rpms

posted by  ciVicman

1. You're new to driving, let alone racing. You shouldn't be taking the car above 3500 RPMs, let alone to red line. Wait for 6 months until you start pushing your car to the edge.

2. To get a bigger boost from shifting, you can do something called a non-lift throttle shift. Basically, you keep your right foot to the floor so that the RPMs don't drop, and shift. Your 0-60 time can drop by a half second, and your quarter by a full second. It wears heavily on your transmission and clutch and engine, so I don't recommend doing it.

3. I'm presuming your racing on a track, because racing on the street is going to get you nowhere but dead. Also, other's also die in your zeal for danger and adrenaline. DO NOT STREET RACE. I'm sure there's drag strip within 30 minutes of your house. Do not street race.

posted by  Godlaus

1)Engage clutch
2)Select gear
3)Release clutch

posted by  fudge

4)Stall engine

No gas required :mrgreen:

He's asking about how he can catch up to another racer by shifting correctly/getting more power out fo the shift.....I think


posted by  Godlaus

figure out where your power band is
it's a stupid, expensive myth that the best place to shift is at redline.
so find out where your torque peaks, and shift there.

posted by  b_DuB13

NO you should never ever shift at your torque peak! The best place to shift is your horsepower peak to get more torque on your next gear.

posted by  CarEXPERT

im pretty sure its at the torque peak ill do some research, i never really push my car, ive done some laps in a large parking lot behind my work with my mates, i just shift when it sounds right i dont really wait for the limit of torque or hp, just when i feel like it

edit: i have some random mitsubishi, i dont know what its called, i got it from my brothers brother in-law.

posted by  ahoo

I wouldn't be racing if you are new to a stick. We don't want you to blow the clutch on the down shifts. :wink2:

posted by  99integra

Do some research and find out where your max HP and Torque are and then experiment with where you shift

posted by  JDMprelude92

CarEXPERT got it right!!!!

Yes, you shift at your power peak, not your torque peak, to maximize torwue to the ground vs the next gear up, due to the multiplication factor of ratios.

A page that explains why:


posted by  ChrisV

No, the myth, as has been explained, is to shift at the torque peak.

posted by  ChrisV

So, I should find out at what rpm the max hp is at? For example carsdirect.com says my 2003 Lancer ES has 120 hp. I need to find out what rpm it has that hp at, and shift there, right? Is there a website that shows what rpm the max hp is at for certain cars? I remember seeing it somewhere when I was looking at different cars' stats but I forgot where it was...

Can't seem to find it on carsdirect...maybe its cuz its past midnight and I just can't find it...

posted by  Vlad

will you be able to find the hp peak on a dyno? is there any other methods?

posted by  ahoo

I think that's what a dyno is built for :wink2:

posted by  fudge

And....there are are some electronic ones that you can buy for a couple hundred bucks. It taps into the ECu, finds out torque, RPMs, 0-60 times, quarter mile times, HP printout sheets, etc. etc.

posted by  Godlaus

oh well i bet they dont sell those down under (where im from anyay) so i guess i better check out the dyno in the local garage

posted by  ahoo

ay yup, expensive, but if you want the printout........

posted by  Godlaus

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