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Is the V2 intake compatable with the AEM bypass valve, or doesn't it even need it to prevent hydrolock.


posted by  Accord_Man

should be compatible, and i think u still need to worry bout hydrolock bc there is still a chance of gettin water in the intake. ur best bet would be to go to a distributor and ask if the bypass will fit the V2 i dont see y it wouldnt tho

posted by  CivicSi

yeah it should work

posted by  ciVicman

AEM V2 Intake Air Induction Systems utilize a dual chamber to create multiple frequency sound waves. The installation of the AEM Bypass Valve would disrupt the tuning of these systems. Therefore the bypass valve should not be used.

posted by  Import-tuner

Do they have a much higher risk of hydrolock then?

posted by  Accord_Man

The Bypass Valve Will Not Fit The V2 Intake The Diamater Is Too Big And If Yourr Worried About Hydrolock Look Into A Comptech Ice Box

posted by  enoch1

The Risk Of Hydro Lock Is Almost The Same ,,,, The V2 Filter Sits An Inch Or 2 Higher Then V1

posted by  enoch1

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