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I have a completely stock 92 Integra LS with a rebuilt engine, should keep me going for a couple more years but I have planned for an engine swap in the near future, so I was wondering...

which should i do, a k20 engine swap out of an rsx type s (i hear it costs an arm and a leg) or just drop a nicely supercharged GSR into my tegra?

either way, how would i go about doing this.. would a k20 even fit into my LS?

posted by  fa1lurebydes1gn

Get a fully built B18b and go the turbo route with it. You'll thank me later. The K20 swap is still WAY too much $ ($6k+) and a S/C'ed B18C1 will cost you about $5k + installation and only put out a measly 230-240whp.

A fully built B18b with the BEST forged internals (I mean EVERYTHING from pistons/rods/crank, sleeved block, brand new valvetrain) will be about $3k. A self constructed turbo setup for about $2500 and BOOM you have a power range of 250whp-600whp.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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