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Long story short, I can get a parts car bought for the 5-speed, swapped with an auto very cheap (1990 Nissan 240SX).

The problem is, I have heard that an improper swap pretty much will ruin the car. (I have very low knowledge of cars) So, what would have to be done to make certain the swapped-in auto works well enough to drive at least until next September?

I searched many things but it was all on swapping auto to 5-speed...thanks in advance.

posted by  username99

I'm not sure, but I think you need to change the ECU among other things.

posted by  windsonian

You could take it into a shop and they'll (hopefully) know what has to be done.

I would also consider getting a 6 speed. You would acheive better acceleration and fuel economy.

posted by  abless

ok remember not all cars can be converted to an six speed, if they wernt sold with it. Remember youll need that cars ecu to run right, thats how you and mess the car up! it might run but not well, also remember the shift leanks and peddles are diffrent, lots of headakes and in an old car the project might exceed cars value! :thumbs:

posted by  ztek88

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