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So I bought a 1984 RX7 gsl a couple days ago and I need a motor. I'm new to rotarys so I don't know what year RX7 motor I should shoot for. is it safe to turbocharge any rotary motor or should I go for a stock turbo motor?

posted by  x1/9-rally

Well, as for an engine that bolts in, the 12A from any year, or the pre-85 13B will work. the motor mounts on the engine are different for the later 13Bs or the 13B TT.

You can, however, find ways of making any of them, including the 20B, fit in that car. Any engine from a newer RX7 in good working condition will be rather expensive, and any non working engine will be expensive to rebuild. And trying to make the later fuel injection work in the earlier car is going to be a bunch of... fun.

posted by  ChrisV

Ever think of going V8? It's possible to drop a Ford 302 or Chevy LT1 in there. A lot more fun (and reliable) than a turbo rotary.

posted by  thunderbird1100

And there's a bolt in kit for it. If that route is chosen, there's a forum for it. You can get there through here: http://v8rx7.com/ (and my v8 RX7 is on that site).

posted by  ChrisV

or you can keep it rotary....dont even try to turocharge anything until you know what your doing.

go here www.rx7club.com

join. search. read. learn.

posted by  Low Impedance

Don't bother with the weenies at rx7club. Most of them simply don't know what they are doing. Serious rotards over there. Much better rotary info at teamfc3s.org (though there are a few idiots there, too).

posted by  ChrisV

the archival content is quite extensive though. i found damn near everything i needed to know. just steer clear of the lounge...

posted by  Low Impedance

Well I don't wan't to go the v8 route cause it would defeat the idea of a high reving rotory. Would a 12a out of 78 wagon fit? I'm thinking about getting it running and selling it.Is this a good idea?

posted by  x1/9-rally

into what year 7 again?

posted by  Low Impedance

go to the junkyard

posted by  google.com

yes, it'll fit. But of you're going to sell it then the comment about defetaing the purpose is really moot, isn't it? You're not using it yourself, so you are merely trying to make money off it.

In that case, bolting in the '78's 12A will be fine, as long as it runs, and you don't have a problem with emissions regs that you have to meet.

posted by  ChrisV

Well the thing is I have 15 cars at the moment and I only need to keep so many of them. So I'm trying to weed out the ones that don't want, but I want to keep the RX7 but I don't know if I want to spend the money to get a desent rotory for it. I was thinking about selling it and getting a 2nd gen RX7 with the fuel injection from the factory cause I don't like the idea of turbocharging a carb setup. Will a sbc fit under the hood of the rx7 without any mods? And what about body flex? you said you have a rx7 with a sbc in it didn't you Chris? What do you think I should do,stick with the 84 with the rotory, dump a sbc in the 84, or go with the 2nd gen? And I don't have any smog laws here so I don't have to worry about that.

posted by  x1/9-rally

My V8 one was a 2nd gen. the Chevy fits under teh hood with bolt in engine mounts. My car used a Ford, I invented teh mounts so that i didnt' mod teh crossmember and steering rack, and had to cut a small hole in the hood for teh air cleaner I could have put very small, low cowl indution tyle scoop on it to cover it, but the car had already been painted in candy blue with pearl, and matching it would have meant repainting most of the car. So I just left it. But most of them being done now are not like that.

the first gen usually requires a small scoop, but there's stil no real body flex. they are solidly built cars (in fact, they are better chassis for this than the Mustangs and Camaros the engines come out of...)

Personally, I'd go with the second gen and a V8. One of the best combos for performance I've seen for the money. The difference in chassis is incredible, and the V8s fit in like they were designed to be there, retaining the chassis balance but adding cheap reliable torque and hp. And if you dont' have to worry about emissions (I dind't have to worry about it, either) then you can build a monster for cheap.

The rotary is a great engine, but it's simply not the best for high power applications in a streetable driver.

I also think the 2nd gen RX7 is one of the best looking GTs of the last few decades, and still looks good today. Here's mine:




posted by  ChrisV

ChrisV, that is a sweet looking car. I'm guessing it didnt cost you as much as it would cost someone with less experience to make.

posted by  car_crazy89

Well I think you have me convinced to go with the v8. Theres a 2nd gen that I think I can get for free cause its sat in the same spot for 3 years that I know of. Can you recomend a place to get the mounts for a small block chevy? Your rx7 changed my mind and I want to go with small block power. Thanks for your help Chris.

posted by  x1/9-rally

can i have your unused 7 parts? :mrgreen:

posted by  Low Impedance

LOL, make me a reasonable offer for the motor and tranny and I'll sell them cheap.

posted by  x1/9-rally

Heres my RX7

posted by  x1/9-rally

I heard an LS1 would be a great fit into an rx7 2nd and 3rd generation cars, but im just wondering if there would ever be any mods to install such an engine?

LOLtary FD   15 Feb 2012 16:18

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