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Im trying to find a Turbocharger for my Mazda mx6 1994. but the search is comming out to 0 . :banghead: and also what do you guys think about the electric superchargers and stuff???

posted by  aMp1688

finding a turbo as in a turbo kit? or just any turbo?

as for electric chargers..... well, i think they are a good idea in a simple way. i dont know if they really work as well as they are claimed to, but i give them the benefit of a doubt and they just might work quite well. plus, recharging them sounds simple enough. they arent THAT big of a deal, but good enough to drag some attention maybe.

posted by  Inygknok

Yeah as in the Turbo kit. you cant put a supercharger and a turbo rite?

posted by  aMp1688

Mazda MX6 = Ford Probe. They made both these cars available factory turbocharged. Look on ebay for the exhaust manifold and turbocharger necessary to convert your car to forced induction. You'll likely need the factory turbo ECU as well. The factory turbocharger was rather tiny on the car and you'll probably want a larger one, stock is an IHI RHB5 (VJ11). Do a little research and find out what other turbo Probe/MX6 guys run as an upgrade and just get that turbo initially.

Yes you can supercharge and turbocharge on the same car, but don't, your car is only FWD and won't be able to put that much power to the ground anyway, it'd be a huge waste of your time and money. Besides you'll get all the power you can handle with a single turbo. Do you see any 2000hp drag Civics running a supercharger and a turbo? No, they run a huge ass turbo and call it a day.

The electric superchargers are a scam for reasons I am not really in the mood to discuss, if you really want to know why, I can give a drawn out explanation.

posted by  Bino

just google it. You'll be able to find something. Now trying to find a turbo for f22a1 prelude... Thats no pick-nick. And Electronic superchargers are the biggest wate of money ever created. (except the turbonater $75 of pure shit) So do some research or find a speed shop in your area and youll be able to find one.

posted by  JDMprelude92

kk, thanx. if i completed all this stuff about how mcuh money and horse power would i be lookin at with the ECU, Exhaust manifold, and throttle body spacer ( dont know what that is ) . kinda wish i knew all this stuff you guys are talk about jus know basics of mostly eveything tho :( oh yeah and also what about programers are those anything ?

posted by  aMp1688

I was searchin on internet i couldnt find the Exhaust Manifold that was for my car only found the other versions of my car. and also when i look under the probe it would be the same size of the engine rite?

*(you kinda have to go step by step with this stuff not to advance )*

posted by  aMp1688

I'm not sure what HP you'll be getting with a turbo. Anywhere from probably around 25 all the way up to 450. It just depends on the PSI and the size of the turbo. The more PSI you want to run, the more things you have to do to your motor in able to handle the pressure.

About the electric superchargers, they do work, but it's nothing like a turbo
I read somewhere that you're only supposed to use them up to 30 seconds. It's for just a quick boost and most of the time they only work at open throttle, b/c that's how they are set up. The reason you only run them for so little is because they come on a full speed. They dont fluctuate like a turbo. You'll burn the fan out if you don't turn it off. A Supercharger is totally different than an electric one also.

P.S., the larger the turbo you get, the more lag usually.

Check for info about it.

posted by  Nickboxer7

:banghead: They don't freakin' work because they don't flow any air. Yes, you can put a fan in your intake and it will at some point push more air than the motor is demanding. Typically the little electric dohickey's are good for a little boost at low RPM, once you are in higher rev's the engine is demanding more than the little electric dohickey can flow and it actually acts as a restriciton in the intake. They are not in any conceivable way better than a turbo... ever.

posted by  Bino

The 94 MX6 had the 2.5 DOHC V6 as the top engine, and wasn't available in turbo form. The earlier Probe and MX6 4 cyls were available with the turbo, but that stuff doesn't translate to the '94 models, even with the 4 cyl.

There are turbo kits for the Mazda 2.5 liter V6 in the MX6 and Probe, but remember, it's not the same as the 2.5 liter Duratech in the Contour and Cougars, so be careful about what your search results come up with.

posted by  ChrisV

so your saying my 4 cyc. already has a turbo . yeah i know theirs a diffance in the engines and addin the turbo

posted by  aMp1688

Yeah, they do work. They do not restrict airflow at higher RPM's either. How can a fan facing the way that air goes in restrict? It doesn't. It's light enough the air moving in the intake will spin it, creating a vortex shape and theoretically creating better air flow. It would be just like the "Tornado" or whatever that is called, at least the electric superchargers I've looked at. Do you have an answer for any of that. You might not get good boost gains at higher RPM's, but it wont hinder it. And yes, I also agree that it is no where near a turbo, I believe I said this in my last post, correct me if I am wrong.

posted by  Nickboxer7

Unless the fan is pumping the same volume of air with zero static losses, it will be an impedance to flow.

Regardless of the glowing references I find it hard to believe something that make the air turbulant is going to have a positive effect on power. It's not as if the intake pipework is rifled to sustain a swirl pattern.

The "Vortex generators" are a curious idea. Lets take a carby engine for which they were originally found to benefit:

You put one in the snorkel going to the filter and due to some miracle the air manages to swirl against the corrugated inner service all the way to the round filter box sitting on the carby horn. Now the air is being drawn in by he filter box (which is designed to set up it's own air flow rotation) at right angles to the swirling air coming from the vortex generator. So now you have an 8th wonder of the world; a miniture solar type system with a controlled rotating eddy air current revolving around the carby horn.

The air enters the carby and the swirling air somehow manages to split off into small individual tornados to the first, second, (third and fourth) usually rectangular section barrels. Now the 9th wonder happens the main venturi and the amplifier venturi actually suck the correct amount of fuel, even though the high sidewall static pressures of the eddies has decreased the venturi action.

The fuel is now entrained in the centre of the swirling air mass by centripetal force waiting to be grabbed by the irresistable centrifugal forces on the outer and mixed better than a James Bond martini.

So after the air has travelled about 2Pi x 100 times further than it normally would and not created any pumping losses through impedance, the separate little vortexes recombine into one big mother, travel down the to the manifold and then split off into individual vortexes again as they enter the runners.

Amazing technology. OK I probably didn't explain it correctly, but who could resist buying one now. :wink2:

posted by  Wally


There will be drag caused by the impeller. Even if it was "light", there's still some friction as well as the inertia of the fan itself. It's like those fans on sticks that kiddies have... if you hold one of them outside a car window, it tends to pull back, doesn't it. Same deal with a fan in your air inlet, it WILL cause drag and impede the flow.

posted by  windsonian

I jus wanna know were i can get a turbokit for my car. Ive looked everywere

posted by  aMp1688

Hey Amp get a book on turbos before you spend any money on a turbo. Whats the point of getting all the pieces of the puzzle if you don't understand how to put it together right? I recommend Turbochargers by Hugh Macinnes, its alittle outdated but it has all the basics you need to know,or you can get the Supercharging,Turbocharging,Nitrous Oxide Performance Handbook by Earl Davis, with is another good read but its not as in detail as the first but its has the three of the most popular mods to import cars. So do yourself a favor and buy one or both of these books to help youself out.

posted by  x1/9-rally gers/Superchargers

will any of these superchargers will work on my car?
OR rbos_Only

will any of these turbo chargers work on my car

IF so on any of these specify which one does

posted by  aMp1688

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