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Hi guys im about or thinking about buying a car now. i have around 30K max my dad is willing to pay. i would take the STi but if i could save money on the car i am going to. Well i have 3 choices 2 which is 2nd hand so here it goes:

integra 98-01

Legacy 05 ( 2.5i non turbocharged ) (think its to expensive)

honda accord 99-01

i want to know what the aftermarkets are for this car??

i want to custom fit the silvia S15 headlights onto either the integra or the accord thats why i picked those two car, while the legacy just looks beautiful :mrgreen:

any help with which car you think is better to get manual and can be messed around a bit ( as in modding )

any help would be good

posted by  imisky

I myself am more into the older style Integras but i think the the 98-01 is a good choice especially for all the aftermarket parts (all cars have there share of aftermarket parts). The Silvia S15 conversion sounds kinda cool and i think it wouldnt look that bad on the Integra. I'd most likely go with the 98-01 Integra with standard trans and since you like the thought of the S15 conversion then go with that also and maybe a few engine mods with some of the money left over. If you can find a cheaper Accord that you may think looks better then the Integra (with the S15 kit on) then go for cause either way the front will pretty much look the same, its the side and tail lights that will look different. Good luck with your choice.

posted by  car_crazy89

Subaru Forester with that crazy turbo upgrade kit i saw on car and driver tv. it was cheap i do believe. 420hp? to the rear wheels? what.

posted by  chloroform

I would go with the Accord, and actually that gen. is 98-02.

I'd stick with a 98-00, they seem to have more parts. I've got a 98 4dr 4cyl accord, 5 spd manual. Love it, it has good handling and pretty nice acceleration for stock. Its got a vtec engine and lots of parts available to make it more stylish and faster. Definitely try to get a manual tranny, it gives the car much better acceleration and is a lot more fun. Check out andysautosport.com, 9secondracing.com, streetbeatcustoms.com, and Nopi's website. They all have a huge inventory on accord aftermarket parts. Another website that only sells 94-02 accord parts is http://www.secureleadercom.com/exstore/default.asp?goto=dynfrontpage.asp.
The best body kit in my opinion for the 98-02 sedan or coupe is the black widow 2. http://www.autotoyaz.com/blwiiibokit42.html

Have fun

oh yeah, i forgot to mention, get either the EX or LX trim line, the DX has some fewer parts, not a lot, but might as well go with lx or ex

posted by  Accord_Man

Okay the cars you listed are all way way under $30k...Before I go ANY further, is this $30k USM or CDN money?

posted by  thunderbird1100

oh sorry i forgot to list its 30k CND i like the integra myself and would really love to own one, but i also like the accord for the more HP it has i think. i know the integras will go for something around the lines of 15k-20k and the modding will be from my own money. i dont want to use my parents money that much cuz i know how hard it is to make money, so even tho my dad said 30k i want a decent nice car thats around 15k-20k CND with a big aftermarket and is there a bolt on turbo u can get for the integra?? or accord?? cuz i would love to have a turbo in my car

posted by  imisky

http://www.9secondracing.com/partnum/11380/parttype/81/partcat/18/Turboneti cs-Honda-Accord-EX/LX-4-Cyl-4dr-1998-01-T3/T4-210HP-Turbo-Kit.html

posted by  Accord_Man

get a late model 240 SX

posted by  JDMprelude92

maybe you didn't notice that a 240 wasn't one of the 3 to choose from :doh:

posted by  Accord_Man

i would get the siliva S15 but the only thing is they dont have it here in Canada or last time i checked they dont have it in USA with the japan engine. with the accord integra i just want to custom fit the S15 head lights on but not the a full front conversion. i think that gives them there charcters. But hey if i could get a 240sx S15 then i would for around 20k but chances are if they were here, they would be around 30K+

posted by  imisky

personally id go with the integra. the accord is nice but ur aftermarket choice isnt as big as the integra. most people view accords as more of an old mans car. the big honda aftermarket cars are the crx, civic and integra. and u can find a turbo kit for almost any car in the world u just have to know where to look. happy hunting hope i could help

posted by  CivicSi

thanks everyone that helped in my decision i was thinking about the integra at first and still love the integra even now. everyone helped alot thanks again

posted by  imisky

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