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I purchased the car in the title about 6 months ago. It has a CD Player but I noticed right away that the Antenna wasn't going up in back. The seller claimed it was because the CD Player didn't need the antenna for reception. I didn't believe him then and still don't. I want to fix it and hook it up but I'm not sure how. Does anyone know how to fix this? The antenna is a power antenna that should extend when the car is turned on. It does not. I really would rather fix this myself if I can, I can't really afford to have work done. Any help that anyone can provide would be appreciated. Thanks.

posted by  smilinstupid

most aftermarket radio's will have an output wire for power antenna's
1 this may not have been connected(remove radio to check most manufature's have online manuals like sony to confirm the radio's wires you need to find the right wire in the car for the antenna)
2 the power antenna is dead(test light turn on the radio and test for power at the antenna if power is there then the antenna's motor is dead)

posted by  osborste

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