anyone know how to fix lil dents?

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i have a little dent on my 2005 rsx's front bumber.......why? its brand new you say? cuz my sis try to steal out one night but she let go of the clutch before moving the gear out of first and it hit something, now theres a little dent on the front bumber :cussing: and i wanna fix it but it would probably cost me alot at a shop so i'm wondering if anyone knows what to do with little dents on cars? i cant hit the dent out i tryed to see if i could but doesnt seem to work........thank for the help everyone! :mrgreen:

posted by  chibi

...make your sister pay...


all things aside, i can't be of much help here, IMO, if you dont know how to do that already, I wouldnt attempt it.

posted by  dodgerforlife

seen this at canadian tire but didn't read the instruction

Removes small dings and dents on your vehicle's surface, in 30 minutes or less
Kit includes two pulling tabs, one bottle of release agent, 3 glue sticks, a knockdown tool and a glue scraper
Specially formulated glue is designed to release before it risks damaging your vehicle's original finish. Release agent removes any residual glue
Comes in a sturdy, compact box
it's 30 buck's canadian

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posted by  Inygknok

no, dont think so

posted by  killbill_islill

I've heard that dry ice will get small dents out. You just rub some on the backside(side that's not painted) of the dent if possible and it should just come right out.

posted by  elchango36

I dont think dry ice is easy to come around

posted by  newyorker

eh you can get it at your local grocery store.

posted by  Spanky2324

"pop-a-dent"!!!! lol, jk... call a dent guy. its not to rediculous of a price, 50-100 bucks depending

posted by  mazda6man

those pop a dent things work somewhat on small dents, weve used them on our cars to get dents out, i think its the ding king or something i dono, pretty handy, but u may have to try it a couple of times to get it to get the dent out

posted by  dsmracersv98

sand that spot and spray the paint of your car color
wont see nothing after 2 feets

posted by  aye87

panel beating???

posted by  True_Brit

Might as well try pop-a-dent or similar device. They are cheap and will most likely take out some of the dents on your car. It works on "soft dents" usually centered in door panels, hood, roof, trunk, and quarter panel. Although it most likely won't work on all your dents it is definately worth it. I removed some major dents on an old 95 Wrangler I bought a few years back. For the "harder dents" you will most likely have to hold off for a professional job.

posted by  05BlackWRX

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