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Ok, so I'm about to buy my first car, and I'm pretty much set on one of these three.

2006 4G Eclipse GT (V6)

2005 Mazda RX8

2005 Nissan 350z

I want automatic, and for the sake of the argument, base model (should be probably around 25k at the dealership). Having a hard time picking. I know Mitsubishi isn't going to have the 2006 Eclipse at dealerships for about another week or two (displays). I've loved the eclipse for years (2G wasn't real crazy over the 3G), but its getting down to crunch time and I like all 3 of these cars. I have a friend that can sponser me for a "employee discount" on a 2006 Eclipse, but have no idea what sort of price its going to be.

Hoping to get Gunmetal/Titanium Pearl/Graphite or along the lines in color, would love to have black but the pollen here is bad and is real visable on black.
Don't really plan to buy something to put money into at first, but if I get the Eclipse I'd like to get 19"-20" Rims and lowered slightly, if I get the RX8 I think I might put a spoiler on it, not sure. I'd do that stuff fairly quickly.
Depending on what I decide upon, may buy one in a week, in four weeks, or so.

So opinions needed.

Thanks :driving:

posted by  mst504

ugh. Auto...That leaves the RX-8 out, as it's unreliable and the auto is painstakingly slow.

The 350Z is a track car, comfortable for the daily commute, some nice styling lines, that's one possibilty, but it's expensive. The new eclipse GT is what it's looking like. The body rigidity is up something like 1000 percent, and it's a more comfprtable ride that the previous generation. The sound stock sound system is supposed to be nice, also. The eclipse is FWD, so you will have more room in the back than in the 350, but at the same time, you're getting torque steer, and some wheel spin. Are you looking for simply looks? or are you looking for performance? Because, beauty is in the beholders eye, and we can't really help you there.

If it was me, I'd go with the 350Z, 6 speed, and get that greddy TT kit.

But for you, I suggest the eclipse.

posted by  Godlaus

Automatic, well the Automatic RX-8 is the first to go, as it has well less than 200hp and is just plain boring without the 6spd. Also, what N/A rotary is fun with a redline of 7500rpms!

Specs : ~185hp, ~3050lbs. 16.49lbs/hp

The new Eclipse is another HUGE disappointment in Eclipse history (like the 3g). Sure it has that 3.8L V6 putting out 260hp (nice power), BUT... It's still ONLY FWD and ( Many people dont know this ) its carrying significantly more weight than the last gen Eclipse.... A tad over 3500lbs to be somewhat exact on the GT model. That's a lot of fricken weight. Which means the car is going to probably handle like ass and have a ton of torque steer from that 3.8L v6.

Specs: 260hp, ~3500lbs. 13.46lbs/hp

So that leaves us with the 350Z. It's nice, very tunable. Lots of power. RWD. Handles good. It's your car.

Specs: 287hp, ~3200lbs. 11.15lbs/hp

posted by  thunderbird1100

The Eclipse...It's only the greatest car in existance :mrgreen:

sorry...huge fan of the eclipse..particularily the 95-99 models..and now, of course, the 2006.

posted by  Ghost

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