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well its time for another project car seeing my yellow TII is about two days from running.

but im stuck. i found a chassis already. 1989 white GXL rx7. in very good shape, for a few hundred bucks. now here is the kicker. there is no motor. leaving me with the what should going in question....

i expect no one to have a postive idea of what im talking about but stick with on this.

option 1) use a 13b motor. a TII block with higher compression rotors from a NA 13b. meaning a 4 port motor which would fit the turbocharger much easier. which still getting low end power.
the engine would be 1/2 bridge and exhaust ported. which entails widing the standard intake and exhaust port, will adding a slit above the intake port to allow for overlapping of the intake cycle.
then using a T66 or larger turbocharger with a Haltech standalone produce one hella fast car. i have vids of a 1/2 bridged FD that is otherwise stock. very impressive. (can someone host please? ;D)

option 2)
then there is the 20b-REW. This is a motor only avalible in the Cosmo which was an optional motor. This was made primarily in japan. it is a sequential turbo 3 rotor. about 300hp and 300torque in stock forum...the cost of the swap is not cheap but will wind up the same as the above option. There are 6 extra inches of motor added to the front of the car seeing it has one more rotor. so i would have to redo some suspension pieces to make up for the weight changes. but it would be a rare swap and DAMN fast stock. then i can always play around with it. i have talked to people with them. they can make an easy 500+ hp with great relieabilty. so

what does everyone think? discuss.

posted by  Low Impedance

i already have a 305 chevy TT rx7 plan in the mix so this car is going to stay rotary. :thumbs: NO THREAD JACKING DAMNIT!!

posted by  Low Impedance

To be honest i dont really know what your talking about with some parts but i like the sounds of the second option cause its more unique and would be a little more different then most things you'd see around. Also the extra power would be nice to have if you ever decided you wanted it. Either way you'd be proud of what you got but i think option B is the better choice. IMO.

posted by  car_crazy89

With little rotary experience I can only say they both look good. Both are unique, powerful, and not too expensive.

posted by  abless


this is a 3 rotor :drool:

posted by  Low Impedance

How about a high revving 12A?

posted by  fudge

no. the car is going to get a boosted motor. i could make a Periphal ported 13b if i really wanted but that is alot more time / money than i want to spend to get that running. granted it would be damn fast, i just dont want to deal with EFI conversions. Carbs = crap.

posted by  Low Impedance

Well, as I was finishing reading option 1), I was thinking to myself... self, why doesn't he just go with a 3 rotor from a Cosmo... so I'm obviously on board with the 3 rotor... or you could do something crazy like a 4 rotor... :thumbs:

posted by  Bino

Ok, i got a question (dont know much about rotary engines) but how many rotors can you have in an engine and how much of a difference does it make and what does each extra rotor do?

posted by  car_crazy89

Id go with the second option. (The 300 hp one). :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

I've read that you can stack on rotors as long as you want, you just ultimately end up chewing up the internal gears that the rotor connect to (proper name please?). I have no idea about how much you gain with each one, I suppose each rotor setup could carry a certain amount of power, and therefore you could increase the power by that much with each rotor (i.e. 300hp 3rotor so 100hp per rotor). So a 4 rotor could possibly run a reliable 400hp (this is just a personal theory). There was a rumor floating around the internet about a 6-rotor RX7 that Mazda did some testing with way back in the day, but that is just hear-say.

posted by  Bino

well the thing is the eccentric shaft (kinda like the crankshaft) becomes the biggest problem. in order to make a 4 rotor come together, you have to make it a three piece shaft which comes together. Otherwise you wouldnt be able to put the engine together. There have been insanely hi powered 4 rotors. its more of a matter of machining the parts.

posted by  Low Impedance

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