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I have a 96 Talon esi and considering putting a 4g63 turbo 1G engine. I know it comes with a AWD transmission and mine is FWD. Would this engine fit my car right and is it worth doing. Also how much would it end up costing me

posted by  eman85

No, the engine will not fit in your car easily, and the TSI transmission isn't necessarily AWD (TSI's were available FWD and AWD). It's not worth your time or money. When you get done you will have spent more money that it would take to sell your car and buy a factory turbo car.

posted by  Bino

So I was looking at a turbosystem From Hahn Racecraft, they have bolt on turbos for 2.0L DOHC talon or eclipse, this would be alot less expensive than doing an engine swap or buying a factory turbo car. Does anyone know if this is a respectable company to get a turbo?

posted by  eman85

hans race craft have the best non turbo to turbo conversion... $5k+ set up tho lolz

posted by  4g63

i found a system for about $2500, will it cost me more afterwards, it comes with downpipe, BOV, wirirng, cold air intake, piping, fuel system.

posted by  eman85

you do not wanna turbo a 420a .. They are only good for 8psi. with stock internals... and 4g63 wont fit .. the esi's front clip is diff than the tsi.. better off finding a factory turbo.. not to hard to come by i just got a 95 with C/W for $1000... For $2,500 u can find a decent platform car .. But in your case you would be paying $2,500 to kill you car is that worth it?? :banghead:

posted by  seanbum

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