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Right now I have a 91 Dodge Stealth. I really dont like Domestic that much but this car is pretty good for it's age. 0-60 in 11 Seconds ... lol It takes a shit load of gas though.

I was thinking of the 2004 Subaru WRX. Though after awhile of research, the car is going to take Premium Gas and I've read other reviews that the transmission sucks and it seems to break down sometimes ...

I was wondering if you guys can reccomend a car

That's under $20,000

Something that doesn't take expensive gas I.E. Gas Mileage ..

Enough room for my friends to fit in my car

Something that's fast but not too fast (I'm not those hardcore racers that show up every Saturday Night at 2 in the morning; Im the kind of guy that races people on highway when they start revin at me or when I just wanna race with my friends)

Can anyone reccomend any cars?

P.S. Oh yeah im willin to put all those stuff like Intake, exhaust, etc ..

Nothing too serious like Cam Shafts and Short Shifters and Turbo Charge and etc ...

posted by  dragonbreak

1980's Porshe 924,944
1999-2000 Acura Integra type-R
2003 Acura RSX-S
2003 Mini Cooper S
1999 Infinity G20
and thats all i can think of right now

posted by  99integra

Well I wanted a car that at least looks like a car that would race.

I was looking at the Honda Prelude SH and it had at least 200 HP

I've looked at all of the cars that you have recomended me ..

Integra Type R- It doesn't have very much HP-Torque;

RSX- Low Torque; 1/4 mile is 16 seconds (To me that's a bit average)

Mini Cooper- Not the racing type eh?

G20- Not the type of car that one could race with

posted by  dragonbreak

You forget the integra type-r is a light car so the 0-60 is 6.7 sec because it has 195 horsepower and only 130 ft-lbs and its at 7500 rpm .

The RSX-S is not as sporty as the type-r I will admit but it has good styling and okay performance

The Porshe's are something u should look into because they are nice cars especially the 924.

I have an 2000 Integra Type-R that u can see in my avatar that has smoked quite a few turbo charged civics in my time and the type-r feels fast,handles like its on a rail, stops on a dime and gets okay gas mileage.

posted by  99integra

1999 or so BMW 325i, that would be my first choice
Perhaps a used Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart
then maybe a used 2003+ Honda Accord V6 coupe, may be hard to find one under 20k though
Maybe a good used Nissan Maxima

All these have good interior room, at least acceptable gas mileage and will do 0-60 in the low to mid 7 second range.

posted by  hondaman

-nissan 300zx twinturbo - 300hp
-toyota mr2 - 227hp
-mazda rx7 - 280hp
-nissan 240sx with a sr20det motor swap - 205hp(s13) 225(s14) 250(s15 6 speed manual)
-mkIII supra turbo
-honda s2000
-mitsubishi 3000gt vr4 twinturbo - 320hp
-mitsubishi eclipse gsx or gst - 200hp

posted by  silvia_star

^^But the thing is, though bud is he wants room for his friends...

posted by  hondaman

Integra Type R:

HP 195 @ 8000 RPM
Torque 130 @ 7500 RPM

Gas Mileage: 25 City ; 30 Highway

The gas takes Premium as well.

Are there any cars that have over 200 HP, High Torque, 4-5 Seater?

Also one more question, Do most cars that have over 200 HP usually take Premium Gas?

posted by  dragonbreak

Nissan 300 ZX- This probably takes Premium Gas, although that is very nice HP, I dont think that I will be needing that much HP because im not a very hardcore racer type person

RX7- As Honda stated; not enough room. I highly doubt that I might find them for under 20k?

240SX- I dont think that I have the expirence or money to do an engine swap

Supra- Hah! Too fast for my blood! and a bit too pricey. Usually around 18-30k

S2000- 2 Seater; Over 20 k, also too much power for me

3000GT- I have a Dodge Stealth; Same exact thing as 3000 GT

Eclipse- Many people have told me that the engine for Eclipses are crap

posted by  dragonbreak

Then my best suggestion is either a 2003+ Honda Accord V6 coupe, or a used Nissan Maxima. Both have 200 hp+ engines and take regular fuel, and seat 5 people. The hp doesn't determine the fuel type, the engine tuning does.

posted by  hondaman

IMO, The Accord and Maxima both look like they'd be family cars, instead of a race car.

I was looking something more flashy that when you look at the car, you know it was meant for racing. *Stock that is* :wink2:

Also, the Premium gas thing is a concern but if it limits my choices of cars than that can just be ignored. I mean I do agree .. Cars that perform more top end require a the top type of gas.

posted by  dragonbreak

You're going to have a hard time finding a sub 20k car that's fast and roomy and doesn't look like a family car...

Actually, I'd try a 1999 or so BMW 325i. It doesn't have a 200 hp engine, but it doesn't really need one, it's fast anyway. It doesn't really look like a family car cause its a BMW.

posted by  hondaman

I'd recommend going domestic if you want some power with 4-5 seater... although the ones I recommend don't really seat that many full sized individuals comfortably they are good cars, and people love 'em. I recommend going with Mustang GT 99+ or a 98+ Trans Am... great sports cars, and can be gotten for under your price range easily, both have great power, and can pull real fast street or strip. However if you must stick with import then I recommend an RX7 for a car, or for something with more space you can probably find a few years old STi if you are lucky. Heck even a used EVO might be able to be gotten for around 20k.... All I know is if it were me, and I had that much money for a car, I'd go with a nice 350 ci 98+ T/A. (5.7L V8, heck yes)

posted by  Flame Roller

get the V-6 accord, then if you want it to LOOK sporty, just get a body kit, nice hood, spoiler, and chrome tail lights. http://www.andysautosport.com/module.php?act=kp&line=Kaminari%20Lip%20Kit&c id=Ho03Accord&brand=Kaminari

posted by  Accord_Man

Hmm BMW is a German car and it the parts are expensive. That's why I was looking for a Japanese Car because they have inexpensive parts when and if the car were to break down.

So far I'm just considering the 2004 WRX and 2002 Accord

I dont want to really put a body kit on because I like to keep the exterior stock. I like to have the thought of someone pulling up to me and than trying to race me and me just burning them. I like the thought of having a body kit to make it look nice but that's just another option

Yes I know im picky :laughing:

posted by  dragonbreak

If you're going to get an Accord, go ahead a year. That's I believe when they got a 240 hp V6, instead of a 200.

posted by  hondaman

03 was the redesign year, so 03 and up should have the 240 hp V6.

posted by  Accord_Man

Oh but the thing is that it's a 5 Speed Automatic.

I greatly rather prefer to drive Manual Transmission

posted by  dragonbreak

you can get a 6 speed manual with the 03

posted by  hondaman

Here's what I'm looking at ...

http://autos.msn.com/research/compare/default.aspx?src=compare&c=0&n=3&i=0& tb=0&ph1=t0&ph2=t0&dt=0&v=t96626&v=t97119

posted by  dragonbreak

get the v6 accord with a 6 speed

posted by  Accord_Man

For either of those cars you'll be going over the 20K you originally said. Even if you get the base model.

posted by  car_crazy89

Well I found a Black 2004 WRX with 12k miles for 20k

posted by  dragonbreak

Oh okay, but what about the Accord if that was the route you choose? I personnal (if going by looks) like the WRX better. I dont know too much about either when it comes to performance.

posted by  car_crazy89

I was on MSN.com and there were auto reviews by people that have owned a WRX in the past.

Most of the reviews are good but there are some reivews that the WRX has a crappy transmission. Some people also have said that the 2.5 RS and the STi don't have those kinds of problems .. but uh yeah ...

The only reason I have the Accord in mind is because of the Gas it requires. Original and non expensive :thumbs:

The WRX takes Premium though I love the WRX so much more .. so I think the WRX is still my top

Does anyone know anything about the Honda Prelude SH?

http://autos.msn.com/research/compare/default.aspx?&c=0&n=3&i=0&tb=0&ph1=t0 &ph2=t0&dt=1&v=t93236&v=t97119

posted by  dragonbreak

BTW, the six speed manual comes with the EX V-6, not the LX...maybe that's why you thought it only had a 5 speed.
Oh, and if you can get it, I'd say the EX V-6 is the better choice over the Prelude, the Lude's faster in the corners, but the Accord is faster in a straight line and roomier.

posted by  hondaman

2002 Mazda 626
2000 Acura Integra GSR
1994 Honda Prelude VTEC

posted by  FordFromHell351

I agree with the V6 Accord suggestion. Get an '03 EX w/V6 engine, and you'll have plenty of room, and plenty of power :) Not to mention reliability...

posted by  ThirdeYe

yeah, 240 hp with a 6 speed is nothing to complain about, and of course, reliability

posted by  Accord_Man

Can you tell me where you guys get your information?

The place I look for my Car Info is from MSN.com

It says that only the 03 LX has 240 MPH but it's a 4 speed Automatic ..

Does anyone know a web site where there is information about cars and etc?

posted by  dragonbreak

Just google search it, that's how I find all my information.

And you might want to try the EX V6, that will give you the 6 speed manual.

posted by  hondaman

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