Why do so many "tuners" get hondas?

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With all the other choices for inexpensive cars that have a lot of available after market parts out there, around 85 percent of the people I see with modded cars have either a civic or an accord. Why is this? Whats so special about them, because Im begining to really hate these clone drivers.

posted by  vicious

Because the insurance on them is low. But yeah, I was considering buying a 1988 Prelude Si VTEC. But I decided not to, theyre great, reliable cars, but to many people have them. Me, Im doing a tuner build up, but not with a Honda. Im going to take a 1995 Saturn SL2 Twin Cam and take the engine out of a wrecked 2004 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec-V and drop it into the Saturn. Something no one has done. I like doing things like that, people should try things like this in the tuner world and not just stick to Hondas.

posted by  FordFromHell351

I don't really know what the big deal is with Hondas. Personally I think the only one worth getting is a Prelude. MAYBE the new accord, but thats just cause I like the body styling.

posted by  Ghost

Oh, so kinda like my idea for a 1995 rear wheel drive Civic with a 350 sbc? Keep it looking like a stock Civic (regular 'ricer' look) but have under the hood look more like domestic muscle kinda. Use it to smoke people when they think they have a shitty little Civic beat before they take off. You know your screwed when you hear it rev up and see smoke from the REAR wheels. Still thinking of plans for future project (theres a thread i started about it).

posted by  car_crazy89

Honda has so many compatible aftermarket performance parts out that you can make a civic do the 1/4 mile in 7-8 seconds (god forbid) beating a very expensive Ferrari :laughing:

posted by  99integra

No S2000 for you? Or how about the NSX?

The only civic I've heard of running 7s, is the AEM one, and that's a RWD platform with a NSX engine. Just a civic shell, not a B16 motor.

posted by  Godlaus

I always thought the AEM Civic was just an engine swap and a lot of tuning :doh:

posted by  99integra

Cause they're AWSOME!!
to all who hate honda's :fu: FU

posted by  Racer14

No, I've never been a fan of the S2000. Not my style. And I think the NSX is kinda ugly. I've driven both, and I must say that they were nice rides...but again, just not my style.

posted by  Ghost

Arnt CRX's the best for racing cause therre so light?

posted by  CarEXPERT

how do you like your black widow kit, i was strongly considering a black widow II kit for my 98 accord. Are they reliable?

posted by  Accord_Man

For the same reason that so many hot rodders used Chevies, when there were equivalent Ford, Chrysler, and AMC products that did the same job or had almost as much aftermarket.

It was simply the first major manufacturer to be modded heavily in that market, and it became "the thing to have." Ask any Chevy fan why they use Chevies instead of Fords or Chryslers, or any Chrysler or Ford fan why they use those.

Honda had a larger international racing presense than most of the other Japanese imports, and had a solid platform to build from from the early '80s. it's aftermarket grew faster and larger than the rest, and only recently has it been getting real competition for aftermarket presense. Same thing happened with the small block Chevy in the late '50s. So in the '60s and '70s, even though the other manufacturers had good product with good aftermarket support, Chevies still cost slightly less to mod, and had more parts, and a larger following.

posted by  ChrisV

And so you have a Fox chassis Mustang, which has been done to death and has a reputation of being a redneck ride, and a belly button car. No difference in reputation outside it's own ranks to the Civic crowd (and almost no difference in teh ratio of poseurs to fast examples, and even a lot of teh fast examples have a bad reputation).

The point is, don't use a car or brand's popularity be a reason for or against owning a car.

posted by  ChrisV

Because Honda's aftermarket is huge...simply put. On a side note are there REALLY THAT many Accords? I swear I see at least 10 riced Civics next to 1 Accord.

posted by  thunderbird1100

well I didnt really have it too long, the car was DEMOLISHED in a crash, so i guess if you want a black widow II, dont drive where drunks live

posted by  Racer14

I agree with him, I mean civics are very common where i live and yeah you get tired of seeing them, but they can still go pretty damn fast when you have the right parts under the hood

posted by  5speedIntegra

Hondas have ideal motors for tuning, the dohc vtecs are extremely efficient and there are many aftermarket parts. They are cheap and can handle a lot of abuse. Add 4 more cylinders and rear-wheel drive and you got my kind of car :smoke: .

posted by  TurboLag

It all starts with Honda's ability to save gas...:driving:

Honda = gas saver
gas saver = money saver
money saved on gas can now be used on mods.

posted by  nissanTFsx

THEY CANT AFFORD A REAL CAR :laughing: , i'm just kidding, i like Hondas, cheap, reliable, and good on gas, what more do you need. Plus the wide range of aftermarket parts.

posted by  car_crazy89

very true. if i ever get a car it will probably be a honda or vw. no offense to the american car fans , but when you compare a honda to an american of some sort the honda usually last about twice as long and gets way better gas mileage in the process. not that i dislike american cars, it's just as far as the one's my parents have owned........well, let's just say it didn't leave a very good impression. :ohcrap:

posted by  enzo#2

thats a good way to put it :thumbs:

posted by  Accord_Man

Aight dont really meen to be mean but there is NO civic that is FWD that will run a 7. The first FWD car to run 7s was like 2 months ago and it wasnt a civic, or a honda for that matter.

posted by  83transam

The AEM one is an SI that runs 6.88 or something like that, do your reserch :banghead:

posted by  99integra

last time i checked wasnt steph papadakis the one to bring that same aem civic into the 7s or 6s like last year or something like that. but anyways personally im just bored with hondas. i dont know if its just me but when i see one hooked up its just like a regular car. most of these guys have the same kits, the same exhaust, the same wheels, the same engine mods and etc. why dont more people mod up toyota supra mkIIs or mazda rx7 fc3s or even something like an old corolla levin or trueno. these are all inexpensive cars with ok gas mileage. they all have a decent power to weight ratio which would make them perform pretty good and you sure can build the shit out of the motors. i mean i like hondas but theres nothing anybody is doing to set them apart.

posted by  royc978

He said no civic that is FWD runs 7s. Which is perfectly true. The fastest civic period is the DriverFX/AEM civic which runs mid-high 6s but isnt FWD...but rather RWD.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I'm sure these 2 cars are already been popular with the tuners. :smoke: Techno Pro Spirits and Hotstaff has been tuning them for ages.

posted by  fudge


posted by  Oomba

I guess I should have done the research, I don't remember hearing that. It wouldn't make a very big difference since RWD is a little heavier than FWD

posted by  99integra

The AEM civic also has the NSX's V6 right?

posted by  Accord_Man

Not necessarily. A Lotus Super Seven is RWD and weighs about 1100 lbs in street form. My RX3 weighed 1800lbs in street form, and it was RWD. My stock Pinto weighed 2000 lbs and was RWD. My stock CRX also weighed 200 lbs and was FWD. How much does your Integra weigh? I can name hundreds of RWD street cars that are lighter, including a few that have larger engines.

Remember, most cheap economy cars in the '60s and '70s were RWD.

posted by  ChrisV

When I got it it weighed 2667 but now it weighs 2384 since I took out uneccesary items. But I sold it a couple weeks ago to buy a 69 VW Beetle :thumbs:

posted by  99integra

And how much money would that cost??? Too damn much!!! You could make an American car run the quarter mile in 8-7 seconds with HALF the money it would take for you to make the Civic do it. And then once you do get it to do that, how many passes is the Civic good for? 1...2...3...maybe 4 then the engine blows or something. Civics just arent ment for racing, when I look at a Honda Civic...I think cheap, reliable, family, economy car, not 10 second hot rod.

posted by  FordFromHell351

The Civic I am talking about would kick most american muscle's ass in a 1/4 mile and definately would beat them in the turns. Sure I love the muscle car scene and probably a little bit more than the import scene but just think of every car as a diamond in the rough, if you are really into cars you would see that just like the AEM team saw it. :2cents:

posted by  99integra

Agreed. I like you're thinking! :thumbs:

It's a point you can argue forever. But to be quite frank if you just do a little research you'll note that 500-700whp civics are startin' to pop up more and more frequently. It's becoming tried and true technology and sure, the fwd thing sucks, but it's a trade off....you enjoy having a weight advantage most of the time. I've seen civics lightened as much as 1900 lbs. And I don't know about you but that's one hell of an advantage when you start factoring power to weight ratio in. There are alot of big time racers that use imports nowadays, they deserve just as much recognition as domestics, IMO. As far as how much money it takes, it all depends.

I had a guy in a Z06 talkin bout....ohhh 53k and I'm in the 12's outta the box. How much did you have to drop into YOUR car to beat mine? My response? Bout 19k less than you did to have to beat mine. ;)

posted by  SpdRcrChk

And thats true too. People see cars in different ways. I was actually about to buy a 1988 Honda Prelude Si, as I described in my first post on this thread, but decided not to because I wanted to do something different. Thats why Im doing the Saturn thing.

posted by  FordFromHell351

Ok well lets think of it this way. My 1984 Mustang GT has about $5,000 invested in it. With the proper drag slicks it runs somehwhere in the mid 10s and without them it runs low 11s and it weighs roughly 2400lbs. Now, the guys who are racing these Honda Civics trying to get them to crank out a 10 second and faster dump anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 into their cars. Now I have talked to these type of guys before, and I asked them, "Well why dont you just get an American car, theyre much cheaper to build up, and they can actually talk all the pressure of the engine mods and hard acceleration." They say to me "Well first of all man, those cars are RWD, and I dont like RWD cars." And I say why? They say something like "Well, Im scared the ass end of the car will break loose one me."

Then theres the guys who think that theyre 1994 Honda Civic DX can beat anything running around on the street or on the strip. Ive dealt with these people too. When I worked at a local car lot here, I had some of the guys I worked with out talking to a friend of theirs about his 2000 Honda Civic Si. It was a really nice car and I decided I would go out and ask him about it. I said to him "Have you taken it to the track? How fast of a 1/4 mile does it turn?" He said "Oh man it runs 11s and 10s." I said "Well let me see you do a burnout or something that seems like a pretty tough little car." So he go it out on the street and I noticed something....as he took off from the burnout it had a bunch of blue smoke coming out of the exhaust. After he left I told the guys that were out there talking to him "That car isnt going to run 11s and 10s with all that blue smoke coming out of the exhaust, I gaurantee you that I could go home right now, get my 1998 Bonneville SSEi (runs 12s) and smoke him."
So these guys called him up and said "Hey this guy down here says his 98 Bonneville SSEi can beat your Civic." So the guy with the Civic said "Well does he want to put a bet on that?" I said that I would race him right now for $500, just tell him to be ready in 20 minutes. Well, I won myself $500 because his car wasnt fit for racing. Hondas are just econo cars. Sure you can get them to run 10 and faster but for how long? And thats my :2cents:

posted by  FordFromHell351

do me a favor... find the guys who said that and beat them up for me...

posted by  mazda6man


There's more to motorsports than drag racing. Hondas in general, and Civics in particualr, have been championship winning road race cars for decades, and are as viable a platform to make into class winning drag cars as any f*cking bracket car ever built. I've seen Chevy, Ford, and Dodge engines blow up on their first pass.

And let's talk drag racing for a moment. You think that the 4 cyl Ford Model A's that original Hot Rods were built from were in any way, shape, or form, FAST when stock? The whole POINT of those cars from the factory was cheap transportation for the masses. Yet hot rodders wanted them to build from. Why? Cheap and light.

Remember this: light cars don't need as much power to be quick. Modern light economy cars have STRONGER chassis that classic musclecars (less flex, stiffer, etc). And people have been developing the drivetrains now to the point where they don't blow up at reasonably high power levels and cost less to build than ever before.

Lastly, PEOPLE LIKE DIFFERENT THINGS! I'd rather build something than buy something, and i'd rather do something because it's hard to do (or because some idiot say it can't be done) than to do something that's easy. Remember kennedy's comment about going to the moon? "We don't go there because it's easy, we go there because it's hard!"

So when you say something retarded like: "Civics just arent ment for racing" you forget that most cars that hot rods have been built from over the decades were ALSO not "meant for racing." And that has nop bearing on anything! The sooner that closed minded gearheads figure that out, the better off this hobby will be.


posted by  ChrisV

I can go 11s on $2000 in a 3000+lb car. So that must mean that you spent double what you should on YOUR car. The rest of your argument is the typical gearhead commentary about how much money Civic owners spend to go fast. they don't spend that much money. Period. Or if they spend that kind of money, most of it is spent on appearance items or name brand stuff. And, to counter that, I've seen domestic guys spend 5 grand just on the engine blocks to gain very little other than strength. iv'e seen guys spend $20k on name brand parts for musclecars and not go quicker than 12s.

Not to drag racers, even of FWDS drag cars. the only people that say that are guys driving stock FWD cars in teh snow belt. Dont' lump al lof them together to try and justify your argument.

So f*cking what? I know of enough domestic owners that are that retarded. Jesus. 15 second 1/4 mile, jacked up Camaros and Novas owned by ignorant rednecks were the norm where I grew up. I LOVED smoking them in my dirt cheap 150 hp rotary powered RX3 and my buddy's road racing 4 cyl VW Rabbit. Should I say all RWD domestic cars are stupid beceuse of THOSE owners?

That's what you're doing. You're justifying a mistaken opinion by using a few choice examples.

posted by  ChrisV

This constantly happens where I live. Im not bagging on imports or anything, hell I own an import, in fact Im doing some "tuner" things to it. Its the guys who think that their Honda or whatever can take on anything and beat it. I cant stand them, if theyre going to be cocky little dickheads about it I will be right back and teach them a lesson while Im at it. I know guys that drive domestics like Camaros etc. just like the "rednecks" you mentioned and like to race their Novas or whatever and get beaten by imports all the time.

As for the money issue some of that went into my suspension as well as my engine interior things like harnesses to make my car safe.

posted by  FordFromHell351

I'll take on your Mustang with my Integra and my 93 GT :evil: :laughing:

posted by  99integra

Ok, I have no problem with that. :evil: :mrgreen:

posted by  FordFromHell351

ppl buy honda's b/c they are reasonably cheap, the looks of the car. I'm not a big honda fan b/c they take to much work to make it fast so I'm going with a Eagle Talon Tsi :guns:

posted by  Earshot Imports

Simply becuase you can do ANYTHING to a honda. there are aftermarket parts out there to replace nearly everything in the car, so you really do have a world of choices. Plus they are reliable as hell

posted by  newyorker

you can do anything to any car.

posted by  GreekWarrior

Thats true, but there are more parts for hondas on the market than for other cars out there, im sure of it...especially in the styling department. Can you find me 10 different styles of taillight for a chevy cavalier for example? How about 6 different companies for a header, 7 for an exhaust, 2 diferent short shifters, lip kits, body kits. What I meant was that hondas are just easier to work with in that respect, and can be better personalized because of the wealth of aftermarket support for them, moreso than other cars

posted by  newyorker

Camaros have all that.
-then there are a bunch of different wannabe altezzas and gay CF ones but I dont know the brands

-Jet Hot
-theres more

-Texas Speed makes 2 (true duals and the Rumbler)
-SLP (has Loudmouth, Loudmouth 2, 2OTL, and dual/dual)
-Stainless Works

Sport Shifter
-Hurst Billet Plus (or something like that)
-Pro 5.0
-B&M ripper

There are that many different choices for a ton of cars. And I bet mustangs have civics smoked on aftermarket diversity.

posted by  Enthusiast

Just re-read this thread and how no FWD Civic has run 7's. I think that myth is proven wrong when Stephanie Eggum broke into the 7's.

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