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I have a 1997 eclipse gs. I am planning on getting some nice rims for it. i wanted to know what the biggest rim i could fit on it would be. i have stock springs and it is not lowered, but i will be getting a 12 piece wide body kit for it soon. this might or might not affect the ability to get large rims. so if you know the biggest ones i could get let me know.

posted by  gunslingger

What size wheels you can fit on your car is also dependant on the tires that go along with them.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Probably 19" or 20"

posted by  FordFromHell351

I've seen one with 20" chromes before, but they looked pretty ugly... bigger the not always better. I would say for an eclipse, 17" or 18' would look perfect. that's my opinion thuogh

posted by  ed_7702

I agree...I have my eclipse on 18s, looks really good...but I think 20" is about the biggest you'll be able to get

posted by  Ghost

I've seen several 2G's rollin' on 19's and they look really nice and don't have any clearance problems. Sorry to hear about your body kit.

posted by  Bino

yea my friend has 17's on his eclipse and i think they look tiny. so i'll go 18 or 19. and what do u mean "sorry about your body kit"?

posted by  gunslingger

Rememer that bigger the wheels the more expensive and more money for the tires too. How about spending that money on performance upgrades. Those non-turbo eclipses are pretty slow stock. I would spend that money to make it faster ratrher than to look better...

posted by  ed_7702

Some jackass im my neightborhoos did that to his eclipse. It looks ok but i goes about as fast as a geo metro. Go for the performance then the looks.
Good Luck :thumbs:

posted by  5speedIntegra

i agree, if its really fast you'll get more respect than if it looks nice and goes as fast as a go-ped

posted by  C c C

That poor car... somebody save it.

posted by  Bino

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