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i am trying to find 1993 black skyline

posted by  gtr_man

Look on

posted by  99integra

Good luck

posted by  Godlaus

hEy yO, wHatZ dA sHiZZle? so lookin for a skyline,HAZAH!!! (

posted by  Racer14

you have got to be on drugs

posted by  99integra

WTF? Why do you think i'm on drugs?

posted by  Racer14

Probably because:

Just a guess.

posted by  car_crazy89

so? you guys never say "HAZAH!"?

posted by  Racer14 this has quite a few to choose from.

posted by  gunslingger

Not usually :roll:

posted by  99integra

Sorry, trying to quit. I dont even know what it means, if it even really has a meaning.

posted by  car_crazy89

try loking on or ebay motors

posted by

These guys had one....i dont know if they have another one in stock is the one they sold.

posted by  Rockn-A-T88

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