So I need help on the mods for my Subaru WRX

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Ok so the story is that I plan to buy a 2004 Subaru WRX. Black.

I want to tint the windows but I don't know what percentage I should use to tint.

Can someone please help me with this; the percentage and why.

The items that I want to buy and install in the WRX are the following:

-Sti Hood Scoop

-Sti Spoiler/Wing

-Intake* (I don't know much about the intake, I'd like to know what kind and brand name I should buy)

-BOV* (As the Intake I don't know much information about it other than what it does)

-Full Exhaust* ( I don't know the difference between a Catback and just a normal exhaust, brand, etc.)

-Rims-16" MOTEGI FF7 GLOSS BLACK RACING WHEELS RIMS (If there's any reason why I shouldn't get these and get something else, please tell me :laughing: )

-Xenon Lights* (I want the 12000k lights but I dont know if they're illegal or not. Also I've seen lights bright as blue that costs $20. Than I see another site that sells it for $279. Is the $20 lights unreliable?)

-Tires* (No .. Idea .. )

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I'm an intermediate when it comes to cars. Please give me your ideas and thoughts. Thanks!

posted by  dragonbreak

aem cold air intake would be the best. apexi filter would be the best air filter. catback is from the catalytic converter back. axle back is from the back axle's and back. muffler would be just the muffler i guess. the tip is the end of the muffler. tell you the truth, i think 16's are too small for wrx. get like 17's or 18's. and for tires, get the nitto 555 drag radials. them tires are nice.

posted by  silvia_star

Crap I forgot to add.

The WRX isn't really for racing but for more of show. Though I will ocasionally race but I won't be those racers that meet up every Saturday night and stuff. Just an ocasional racer.

What would be the best type of mufler for sound and extra HP?

posted by  dragonbreak

I do like the AEM Cold Air Intake. The cheapest price I've seen for the intake would be about $170. Is installing the Intake difficult? If so, how much would it cost for labor?

Also, Do I need a Air Filter?

Why would 16's be too small? I thought that if the rims are too big while racing than that isn't very good/safe/reliable.

Also, the Nitto tires seem good but yet a bit pricey and not very well in snow. Do you think that stock tires are good enough? I won't be racing hardcore or anything so yeah ..

posted by  dragonbreak


posted by  dragonbreak

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