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ok, can someone suggest a good car that I can soupe up? The first thing i would like to do is to get a turbocharger, but as far as I know, if you want to run over 7 psi you need to get forged pistons, connecting rods, and crank. Am i right? Anyway, can anyone give me a suggestion?, I have 16,000 $ to spend

posted by  V8>4 banger

how ironic, your name.

be like every other riceboy 16yr old with too much money and not enough brains. get a civic.

posted by  dodgerforlife

c'mon i need help

posted by  V8>4 banger

sorry, i was being serious, get a civic. there are soo many aftermarket parts available for those cars, that it would be easy to soup one up. Plus, it's great if you dont have an unlimited budget, the car itself isn't expensive.

posted by  dodgerforlife

You could always go with a car that comes with a turbo...such as an Eclipse for example..you can pick one up used for about $5,000 in really good condition...lots of aftermarket parts for them to...and of course if you want to, you can always upgrade the turbo :mrgreen:

posted by  Ghost

But, they're really hard to find. When running over 7 psi, you generally need an intercooler, not the forged bottom end. The best tuner car out there, is probably.......the civic? There's such a aftermarket for it, that I'm sure you can find cheap parts and the insurance would be small.

posted by  Godlaus

Get a Type-R Integra which would beat a civic even with a turbo

posted by  99integra

i say get a 96 si.. soup that up, my brother has one.. its a pretty quick car

posted by  C c C

That's not true. They're pretty easy to find actually. More-so in certain areas than others. There's tons of them in the Jersey/NY area.

posted by  Bino

will i need forged internals?

posted by  V8>4 banger

Only if you intend to run insane boost levels.

But zero in the seattle area. Where is V8>4Banger located?

posted by  Godlaus

That's not true, I just bought my GSX in Edmonds a month ago (so I guess there's one less).

posted by  Bino

[QUOTE=Godlaus]Only if you intend to run insane boost levels.

whats an insane boost level, 15+ PSI?

posted by  V8>4 banger

95-98 nissan 240sx with sr20det motor. upgrade the turbo and rebuilt the motor. and then get s15 front clip. it'll be nice and fast.

posted by  silvia_star

I agree with the acura dude, get a gs-r its a great car and with a jdm front conversion it looks great. :drool:

:laughing: my friend is laughing at me for being on this website..lol

posted by  DSMDriver

What happened, did you hit your head since you posted this? :smoke:


posted by  fc7gtx

you should get a old 92 toyota supra or something. swap the old motor out for a 1jz-gtte. that would be a sick mod. youll have a mkll with about 260hp stock with a 2.5 liter twin turbo. the motor could probably take some good tuning with stock internals.

posted by  royc978

If he wants something without a turbo for starters then get a 1985-86 Toyota Corolla GT-S and then put a turbo on it. But for something that already has a turbo on it then go with a 1989-92 Ford Probe GTS with the 2.2L 4cyl turbocharged Mazda engine.

posted by  FordFromHell351

Yeah, thats what I want to know. I remember that post, he was all for the anti-import thing.

What happened man?

posted by  FordFromHell351

Any of the following are easily tuneable:

Honda Civic
Honda Accord
Acura Integra
Acura Legend
Mitsubishi Eclipse
Mitsubishi 3000GT (slightly hard to find these for a decent price though)
Nissan 240SX

Those would be my recommendations. Good luck in your car search :)

posted by  ThirdeYe

A couple of things to remember when you get your car:
1. Dont get a Civic....they are everywhere, be original anything you want to do to it has probably already been done.
2. Get something fast but not too fast, your 16 and i bet you have a heavy foot, any young kid does.
3. If you want a turboed car, for you, i would probably go for the Ford Probe, i dont like them but it may suite you...or an eclipse either one..id go for the eclipse personally

posted by  rsxdude


posted by  Oomba

....can happen on any car, not just a turboed one.

posted by  Godlaus

He was setting himself up to look like an ass

posted by  Oomba

if u want the best set-up for a 2g 95 eclipse...welll its incomplete and some parts can be better =)

Turbo/Turbo Accessories:
-OEM Stock turbo (couldn’t find a nice one yet--;; Turbonetics is nice)
-GReddy 2g Front Mount Intercooler Kit - $900+

-HKS Super Sequential Blow off Valve – $220+

-GReddy external Wastegates – 800+

-Fluidyne Aluminum Radiator - $350+
-GReddy Upper and Lower I/C Piping - $250+
-RRE Full 2G 16-G Install Kit - $230

-3" and 4” tip Thermal R&D Exhaust Kit - $600
-2.5'' to 3'' Down Pipe - $400
-3” Magnaflow hi-flow Cat – $130+

-GReddy 4-1 Header - $500


-ported 1g Throttle Body - $200

-3” Dejontools 2g Curved intake pipe - $130+

-K&N Filter Charger Kit - $150

-Venom intake manifold - $700+


60mm Peak-hold/Warning gauge – 290+

-Kevlar timing belt - $450

-NGK iridium IX spark plugs - $30+
-Magnecore 10 mm Spark Plug Wires - $130+
-MSD 6AL Ignition Control /w rev. limiter – $250+

-GReddy Adjustable Front Strut Tower Bar – $120+
-GReddy. Rear Strut Tower Bar - $120+
-KYB AGX Adjustable struts and shocks - $400+
-Eibach Springs Pro-Kit - $220+

-Centerforce Dual-Friction DSM Clutch Kit - $400+

-Aeromotive 1000 HP Fuel Pump - $350+
-AEM Fuel Rail - $200+
-Mr. Gasket 6AN Billet Fuel Filter - $60+

-Greddy DSM 720 CC injectors (Denso style) - $450

-Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator - $150


Brembo Big Brake Kits – 2,500+

Total will run you up around:

60+350+400+220+400+130+30+130+130+600+250+220+350+900+250+120+500+120+290+2 ,500+150+150+450+700+400+200+230+450 = $10,605 (it will ring you up at about that much without the car or make it too showy;; all performance!!!!)

My extra added edit:
-rebuild intake manifold (to fit 4 throttle bodies)
-4 ported 1g throttle bodies (1 for each combustion chamber)
-twin turbo (for chambers 1&3 and 2&4)
-4 K&N air filters

to be continued lolz....

posted by  4g63

Why spend money buying a import and sooping or swooping or souping it up for 16k when u can go buy a 2000 Trans Am WS6 that runs a 13.5 1/4 mile and a 0-60 in 5.0 seconds....I drive a civic si myself...and its fun to do stuff to them.....but if you got that kind of money to start off with get something fast already.

posted by  civisi99

LOL Get a old VW bug with a 200 horse scat motor
1300 for the motor
900 for the car
running 12's priceless (and flipping upside down)

posted by  desertsoldier22

well first off its a W5.6 not WS6 and if u do that u end up paying insurance for a V8 the pulles 0-60 in 5 but build a civic to do it and u only pay for a 18 second 1/4 and a 10+ 0-60 it pays off beter to tune a small motor

posted by  8G Galant

Cause it shows the world you engineering prowess to extract 100 hp or more per liter out of a car. Anyone with the cash can buy a fast car, but most of us don't have it. Consider tuning a car a performance installment plan. My car was only $14,000, if I put $7,000 into it I will outhandle, out accelerate and overall outperform a WS6 trans-am, Shit I have only put$3,000 into and I can out accelerate one. Thats from a 3.0l V-6 not a 5.7 V-8

posted by  desertsoldier22

If he put 7 grand into a turbo DSM he would be give a vette a hard time.
You could run 25psi of boost and have over 400whp out of four wheels. Not to mention If you do your own work you will learn a lot about how any car functions. Consider it the most awesome educational experience ever

posted by  desertsoldier22

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: WS6 is an option code that's been around for awhile.

posted by  fc7gtx

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