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does anyone know if there are bolt on turbo's for a 2005 base rsx??

posted by  chibi

check this site out...might help ya out


posted by  Ghost

search the internet

posted by  google.com


posted by  thunderbird1100

All of those are for the RSX-S not BASE RSX.

posted by  thunderbird1100

sorry guess i shoulda made it clear i wanted to know if there are bolt on turbo kits for a base rsx?

posted by  chibi

I hae your same problem I have a base rsx and i need more power. is there a turbo kit or anything that may increase my whp.

posted by  basersx

Start your own thread and then I will help you greatly, and how bout introducing yourself

posted by  99integra

imports arent really my thing but im sure there are turbos out there. if not i would look at a cent. supercharger. its basicly a belt drivin turbo that doesnt use exhaust or if you wanna think of it this way its a supercharger shaped like a turbo thats run of a belt. theyre pretty cheap, no turbo lag, and they can put out some decent boost. one thing i wouldnt mind seeing just to see is a rsx with a roots type blower. i think thatd be different

posted by  72firebird

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