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I just recently bought an Acura TL, the new one with the stock 270hp. One day, i left the car unattended and I go the shift knob stolen. So i decided to go to my local Acura Dealership and buy a new knob, the knob turned out to be 160 dollars. There was also a little plastic bezel attached to the leather boot, but it got ripped off, so i wanted to replace that as well, but apparently i cannot just replace the plastic bezel. Turns out i would have to fork out another 300 dollars to replace the whole boot.

Here's the car;

posted by  aerith

You got ripped off more than once.

posted by  DodgeRida67

If a shift knob cost $160 then you got ripped off for sure. Unless it was some kind of high quality leather but I found out never to take my car to a dealer to fix things

posted by  99integra

You probably could of gotten the Honda/Acura OEM shift knob through online for about $40-$50 max.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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