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hello, im 16 and looking for a nice import car to soupe up and enter shows with. my dad is a mechanic, so i will be looking for a wrecked car.. i have about 25g's to spend.. i have track experiance so i kno how to drive, i just need to kno wich import ppl like most

im looking for a car that will go fast, and look sweet

eclipse, supra, rx-7, wrx, evo, 350z, integra, 240sx, civic, 3000gt, ect..

your help will be greately apreciated

posted by  Guns_10

im also lookin for a farely newer car, with acception of rx7, 2nd gen. eclipse, and supra

posted by  Guns_10

Out of that list, the Mitsubishi 3000GT is my favorite car.

posted by  hondaman

You're a little young to be driving fast cars like that, start out with something slower

posted by  99integra

acutally no its not... as long as you got the cash, you got the car.

posted by  silvia_star

if i was you, i'd get a 93 and up supra twinturbo. but i'd rather start out with a 240sx cause its more easier to fix and less expensive parts. i'd get a 95 240 w/rb26dett. have you seen the one on ebay? the skyline twinturbo motor in a 240sx? man that looks nice and i'd bet you that thing is quick.

posted by  silvia_star

Thats not the point, he has only been driving for a year and has not enough responsibility/experience to drive a fast rear wheel drive car :banghead:

posted by  99integra

i have been driving in a modified 4 cylinder race class since i was 14, i can handle a rear wheel drive car, speed and power arnt an issue, can you please just tell me wich car you like best.

posted by  Guns_10

supra, integra, and sti

posted by  99integra

Supra 93+


posted by  dragonbreak

or just get a civic, and rice it :twisted:
or just a supra

posted by  Racer14

go for the EVO!

posted by  newuser03

oh fun! another of those "In your mind" suicidal kids!

posted by  Inygknok

If you've been driving high performance cars that long, you should already KNOW what cars are best for what you want to do. The fact that you have to ask leads one to believe you really don't know much, which leads to the conclusion you really should start out slower.

posted by  ChrisV

you should get a eclipse spyder gt

posted by  google.com

avoid FFs youll never go fast with something like that. Get something nice...

i dunno 240sx

posted by  Mrixon

if you have 25g's and looking for a new car...i would say RSX type-S...just ask your dad to chip in a little more...LOL...you can always go for da EVO and STI, but then you would have to ask your dad to chip in ALOT more. :laughing:

if you wanna fast car and dont care about whether its old or not...then go for Rx-7's(FD) or Supra's(93+)...look for the ones with turbos! :hi: Or get a 240sx...the best bang for da bucks(IMO) :mrgreen: get a cheap shell(clean title and straight body recommended, but its up to u), swap in an SR or RB, then you are almost set. Add in Turbo manifold, suspensions, catback exhaust and whateva lata. 240's are nice when you suit them up! coupe or fastback, its ur choice. Or you can also get the S14's, 97+! Nice, cuz they have the more aggressive looking headlights!

posted by  nissanTFsx

Get a 3000GT and put the other 15 grand under the hood :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

posted by  Oomba

i think i'll have to side with chris_knows on this one.

(now you see why i don't like people like this?)

posted by  dodgerforlife

supra duel turbos

posted by  ciVicman

Dodger, I haven't replied on this thread, are you sure you're not talking about ChrisV? Anyhow, I would go with the RX-7, it's a classic.

posted by  chris_knows

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