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Should I get: (Acura NSX 2005)


This 1998 souped up Supra -


This Skyline:

Also, can I get price estimates for each car and bodykits or any other crap they got on them. I believe the NSX 2005 looks like that, and the Supra has the list of crap it has in it on the page, but I'm not sure what's on the skyline. Yeah, I need some price estimates (Total Price for EACH car) and crap like that. Also, which one would you get if you were in my position.

Thanks :orglaugh:

posted by  Renegade

Acura NSX because I am the Honda Man and also because they're just really great cars. Dude, you must be really friggin rich if you can afford those.

posted by  hondaman

Yeah, mom makes quite a bit of money, says she'll buy me one. Not sure which one I want. I know you want me to get the Acura NSX 2005, which is what most others have told me, but how much would the other 2 cars be? I think the Acura NSX is like 90 grand (That's with just standard features, no mods or anythin)

posted by  Renegade

A riced up Supra would maybe be around high 30's to low 40's and the Skyline you didn't say if it was and R33 or R34 and good luck finding a skyline

posted by  99integra

I think that one is 34, I jus saw it on some site. :mrgreen:

posted by  Renegade

A 34 would be around 40 to 60 depending what someone has done to it and how many miles are on it. Why ship one over though when you could buy the NSX or Supra?

posted by  99integra

No reason - I was just checking out prices. So basically, it's down to the Supra or NSX... What do you think? :P

posted by  Renegade

The NSX is a mid engine rear wheel drive so it will handle better and outperform most cars so my choice would be the NSX :thumbs:

posted by  99integra

i'd get the supra. it looks nice out of them and its fast. but for speed, i'd choose the skyline. but then for style, i'd choose the nsx. supra's the best too me! :thumbs:

posted by  silvia_star

No one else smells BS here?

Let's see...

Kid's first is supposedly rich rich...Agrees to buy son $89,000 exotic.



posted by  thunderbird1100

Indeed. And why not just test drive the cars to see which one you liked better? They're all totally different cars. FR Supra, FR AWD Skyline, MR NSX.

posted by  flamingheads

I doubt she'd go through the trouble with a Skyline, but I like em'. Oh well, I'm not entirely sure on which one I can get. And as to you Thunder, i'm being serious. I'm jus tossin' out suggestions... As I am not really the best person when it comes to car knowledge, so I thought I'd see what some of you guys would say.

ALso: Which one is cheapest of the 3?

Edit: Test drive all 3? I really doubt I could find all 3 and be able to test drive them... That's rather rare... but If I could, then I would (duh)

posted by  Renegade

The most logical one would be the Supra, and it would be the cheapest too. What year is it you'd be wanting?

posted by  car_crazy89

grab the skyline jus because u dont see them here very often

posted by  nissanTFsx

Go with the Supra. Its the cheapest, and in my opinion the best out of all 3.

If this is your first car I wouldnt suggest getting any one of the 3. You could possibly wreck them, get into a fatal accident because you cant handle all the power each car puts out. You need to be a exceptional driver before getting any of those cars.

posted by  FordFromHell351

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