10 second car.

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im looking to build a 10 second car, any suggestions on what car to start with? i like some of the newer cars such as the Nissan 350z, or Subaru wrx.. i also like the 99 mitsubishi eclipse gsx, or 94 twin turbo rx7.. any other cars that would be sufficiant? and look damn good as well? all help will be greatly apreciated.

i live in the us, so a sylvia or skyline arnt really in the picture

posted by  Guns_10

Shame you can't source a Godzilla. I think some of the guys at MRT or Rexnet are managing 10's these days.

posted by  Wally

http://www.reubengathright.com/jpg/ricers/TheFastandtheFuriousComic_files/1 .jpg

posted by  DodgeRida67

Amen :thumbs:

posted by  Accord_Man

2nd gen RX-7
Build a Ford 302 up
Lotsa nitrous

Under $10k 10 second car.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Go buy yourself a Supra. The car will decimate all after 30 thousand dollars, and maybe some over night parts from Jaahhpan.

You're looking at,

-GIANT blow off valve
-A turbonator turbo kit
-Semi-cold air intake
-If you're feeling risky, a 4 psi turbo
-2 to 3 dozen stickers
-PS2 AND Xbox game consoles
-Green, or if you want the real power, red underlights
-6/7 foot tall spoiler
-Flux compacitor

Good luck, my not-so-fellow racer!

posted by  Godlaus

1. Light RWD or AWD Car
2. Large and powerful motor
3. Driving Skill

posted by  abless


i know where u can get all of this for free......

IN YOUR MIND! Where all of your teen suicidal ideas should stay!

posted by  Inygknok

There you go. ANY cheap, relatively light RWD car and cheap high power engine.

Iv'e seen first gen RX7s with Chevy engines go 8s for under $10k. The overall winner of this year's grassroots Motorsports Challenge was a 2nd gen RX7 with a Ford 302 that ran 11.3 in teh quarter and cost under $2000 total. Last year there was a '70s Nova sedan that ran 10s for under $2k total (though it was a serious beater). There area lot of cheap RWD cars out there that can take small block V8s and run those times for very little money.

Once you move up the dollar ladder, then anything goes. Air cooled VW Bugs can do it under $10k, as well as Turbo Pintos, Turbo Merkurs, etc.

posted by  ChrisV

general rule of thumb is turbo ____________

posted by  Low Impedance

i have a friend taht has a eclipse gst which is rare to have in canada but he has one and hes got a evo turbo in it and expects 400 horses and if he adds nos to it DAMN ITS GONA BE 10secs!!! :smoke:

posted by  chibi

Sad but true. And an EVO turbo doesn't usually net 400hp. It'll usually net in the 350 range with decent tuning.

posted by  Bino

talons r nice.. spend around 10,000 and u get a mid 10s or high 9s second car lolz

posted by  4g63

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