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I'm currently driving a 2002 Civic LX and need something that's has a little more power.

I've been asking a few friends and almost all are going by different things. Some go by horsepower, some by gas mileage and some by torque. I really can't tell what to pick.

Here's what I'm looking for:

- V6 or at least more HP
- Comparable gas mileage as the Civic if not V6
- Low maintence cost over the next 5 years
- Sedan
- GPS if possible
- Side airbags (if possible)
- Lower insurance rates (I'm 25, w/ a clean driving record and work about 3 miles away from home, so not a lot of driving during the weekdays).
- $25K or below (if possible)
- Hatchback (if possible)

What I'm looking at:

1) Mazda 3
2) Prius
3) Lexus IS 250/300 (2006 model)
4) Scion xA

1) Mazda 3 - I really dislike the ineterior and am not sure about reputation compared to toyota and honda

2) Prius - More maintence cost as I will have to change the batteries, and not enough HP, but very good gas mileage

3) IS 250/300 - At least $30K, higher insurance, maintence cost. I realy like the exterior and interior of the 2006 model.

4) Scion - almost the same as the civic.

I know I should be test driving all of these (well except the IS 250) to make up my mind. Is there anything else I should be looking for? Am I missing any other realiable models?

posted by  rosaaeterna

prius don't need t change batteries my mom is driving one al around town she loves it
mazda 3 don't buy they suck
scion 's suck to
is 250/300 too much
id go for the eclipse, talon, miata(if you are not that tall), tiberan, or an accord

posted by

w/ those choices, i'd pick the accord.

posted by  rosaaeterna

I would get the Mazda 3 hatchback with a stickshift
I don't know why you dislike the inteior...they are far nicer than the civics and scions

posted by  ed_7702

i would go with the xB...... mazda has increased prices a lot lately, and it has been the same story with honda (for maintainance and broken parts).

the prius battery ordeal is the batteries for the electrical motor. they need to be replaced after a specific amount of time or so.

the xA is ok........ but i honestly prefer the xB.

the hyundai tiburon is nice, but once hyundais start breaking down, they keep doing so and becomes a nuisance.

lexus = $$$$ but reliable

posted by  Inygknok

The Civic's interior is considered the best in the small car class by just about every review place there is. So I'd hardly call the Mazda 3's interior 'far nicer' than the Civic's. Although it's nice they offer the Mazda 3 with leather. Something maybe the Civic will offer in its redesign for 2006 (along with a 140hp base engine and a 160hp engine for the EX).

posted by  thunderbird1100

mazda 6? i think the one with turbo is coming out. not really sure about the price tho

posted by  nissanTFsx

yep, the new V6 has 240 hp

posted by  Accord_Man

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