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Im looking to buy a new car, i like the 99 eclipse gsx, and 94 twin turbo rx-7 alot, and also the wrx and integra arnt bad.. which car would you pick?
or any other suggestions?

posted by  esky32

If it was me, I'd pick up a WRX Sti. The mazda's apexi seals and rotors are probably dead by now, the GSX requires tuning to go fast, and the integra is FWD.

The Sti hits 30 in 1.2, faster than any ferrari. It doesn't quite have the horses to pull it through the quarter as fast as others, but with some more messing around under the hood, I'm sure it's possible to hit middle 12s with less than 1.5k of work. Sti for me :thumbs: .

posted by  Godlaus

RX-7, Type R Integra, and Sti

posted by  99integra


posted by  FordFromHell351

GSX is a fun AWD'er.
Dont like FD RX-7's unless anything besides a 13b-rew is in there.
WRX is another fun AWD'er.
Integra GSR is a legendary car with great handling. The ITR (Integra Type-R) is probably the most fun stock car I've ever had a chance to drive (havent driven a stock RWD car that could handle close to it...and I've driven several stock NSXs).

posted by  thunderbird1100

'99 GSX Black/Black with 5spd, or a yellow or black TT RX7. I just don't thinnk a WRX can hold a flame to the visual appeal of the others. But I really like the ITR as well, but I wouldn't own a newer Integra if it wasn't an ITR... I also really hate the little bug-eyes that the USDM cars have. If you go ITR get the JDM headlight treatment.

posted by  Bino

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