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hey, having an arguemnt wit ha friend.

which type has better handling in a race track situation?

if u say FWd, then why are most sports car RWD ?? like rx7 rx8 skylines supras , blah blah

if u can tell me what the adv/disadv of each are, itll help heaps, thx :)

+ if rwd is better, why is the integra type r a fwd ? :S

posted by  n00b

RWD is better, it has more potential. Thats why all the sports cars are RWD. The only reason everything is FWD nowadays is cause its cheaper and people think its safer.
Recently tho I read somewhere that RWD is making a comeback, which would be ausome.

posted by  flamingheads

Aren't some rally cars FWD?...and they kick a$$!!

posted by  BavarianWheels

most rally cars are AWD...i think

and for the RWD, FWD thing...the steering wheel of a RWD vehicle is more stable under high speed. Havent driven any FWD sports cars under high speed yet...but my friends 00' corolla's steering wheel shaked like crazy when i wasnt really driving that fast. And my other friends Type S RSX also...

i would go with RWD...just because my car is RWD :mrgreen:

posted by  nissanTFsx

But the RSXs handle better than the RWD Mustangs...

posted by  ed_7702

But the s2000 handles much better than an RSX...

posted by  fudge

I prefer rear wheel drive even though it is a little bit heavier than fwd, rwd is more fun to drive but fwd is more practical :thumbs:

posted by  99integra

And a lotus Elise outhandles any car out there...

posted by  Godlaus

Not the Enzo though :2cents:

posted by  99integra

outhandles, not outspeeds.

The lotus, with practice, can oust the slalom and skidpad of an enzo

posted by  Godlaus

I myself would say RWD, good for donuts but seems better traction and control (as was said). I saw on Car and Driver a thing that said RWD cars are making a come back cause they are being given more horsepower so it gives the better traction and whatever else (i dont remember, i just liked the sound of RWD come back).

posted by  car_crazy89

RWD hands down...FWD was good for economy cars since it was cheaper to fabricate (no driveshaft to worry about), more interior room, and safer in most weather conditions (not safter than AWD though).

RWD is the sports car choice and needs more attn. in poor weather conditions but if you have been driving for a know what to do in those situations.

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Some the WRC they have the AWD guys who are the big boys and usually kick serious arse...and then there's like the minor league guys who usually have FWD cars...that tend to do okay...but never honestly contend since they dont have the money that the manufacturers have...

Here in the US, under the SCCA ProRally there was a turbo Tiburon I think sponsored by Hyundai that did really well and was dominating for a few years...until the driver died. :ohcrap:

posted by  NISSANSPDR

They might not do as good because they are underfunded, not because of them being fwd awd.

FWD can be quick as hell, and can handle damn good. Integra Type R for example.

RWD can be quick as hell and can handle damn good as well, although it is typically more expensive, RX7 Supra examples.

Front wheel drive can under steer and be a pain in the ass, but this can be resolved with proper driving technique and parts. Parts = Money. You can hook up a civic to run some quick ass laps, or some quick ass 1/4s for alot cheaper than most other cars. Actually, that statement is damn near fact.

Rear wheel drive doesnt have that tendency to understeer like front wheel drive, but depending on how heavy the car is it can understeer just as bad. This can also be resolved with parts, parts = money. High end RWD sports cars will always have more potential than a FWD. Mainly because most FWD cars arent sports cars. But overall making one run better times is different story.

So, they're both better. For whichever thing you want to do, one is better. If you have mad scrilla and wanna build a supercar, you're definately going to do it on a RWD chassis, or most would, some would opt for AWD. But if you wanna hook up a car to run some quick 1/4s for under 20 grand and leave people shookup at the track. Get an integra gsr or ls, read an import magazine, do what that booklet there says and you'll be making alot of v8/RWD 's tuck their tails between their legs.

Why is an Integra Type R front wheel drive? Because every other integra is front wheel drive. Although a RWD integra would be godliness, anyways.

Race track situation is depicted by the rules of the race, not whether it has a driveshaft. I see Sentras race RX8s and IS300s all the time competitively.

MR is the best configuration. As was stated earlier, lotus elise pound for pound is the best car, and what kind of configuration does it have? Ferrari 360, NSX, Saleen S7, Ford GT, Enzo, what sort of configuration do they use? Yes, that is the best, mid-rear.

posted by  Integra_LS

FWD cars handle better in lower traction situations than RWD, mainly because the weight of the engine is pushing down on the driving wheels.

The difference in handling is becoming less and less noticeable, as engineers and designers improve upon the FWD system. Even so, RWD is the best choice for a well handling sports car.

posted by  hondaman

rwd cars are only good on a paved road. in dirt they just spin out. that's why you never see rwd cars in rallies. only fwd and awd. now depending on the weight of the car a fwd will generaly out handle a rwd car unless the rwd car is like a supercar or an elise. so if you want handling for a cheaper price than that of a supercar, than a fwd drive car would be better...........unless you plan on drifting that is. :laughing:

posted by  enzo#2

All right, Im going to settle this.

It is true that in some situations FWD cars handle better than RWD cars and visa versa. But what I am going to get at is that these kids now days are scared of a RWD car.
I had a coversation recently with some kids (around 18 years old) who asked me about my Mustang. They were driving a Honda CRX Si and I asked them why dont you drive a RWD car? Their response was "Man those are old school drift cars." And I said "Well what do you mean by that?" They said "Well the ass-end kicks out on you and you cant have control over the car." I said "Guys, are you scared of a RWD car?" One said "Well, yeah Ill admit that I am." and the other guy agreed. I said "Guys, if you knew how to handle a car that wouldnt be a problem, dont be scared to have a car where the ass-end jumps out on you, because if you truly know how to drive you shouldnt be."

posted by  FordFromHell351

Thats true but most kids don't have enough confidence their first couple years of driving even though my first car was rear wheel drive and had a 350 V8 and it scared me shitless in the rain sometimes :laughing:

posted by  99integra

Haha that is totally true for some people. I myself would prefer a RWD car. Good for burnouts, donuts and whatever else. I also like the older cars and most are RWD so that another reason.

posted by  car_crazy89

Im not a big import lover so i dont know 'THE BESt' Handeling imports...but i'll give you my openion

Personally i think they both have there ups and downs....a corvette is RWD and they handle like on rails....but the 3000gt vr4 is FWD and it handels like on rails also.

If yer talking about drag racing...then RWD is the Best overall even AWD. look at the pros they are all RWD and i read in a mag the other day the first FWD car ever to hit the 7's.

In circut racing "most" use RWD because they can handel more power. A FWD just cant take the power that a RWD will take. But "most" STOCK FWD will outhandel a RWD if they are stock. and yes i know this is not true 100% of the time but it is most of the time. And of course they would have to be in the same class also.

posted by  83transam

actually, the 3000gt vr4 is AWD. :wink2: probably why it handles like its on rails.

posted by  pik_d

Just remember that that one kid doesn not speak for all of us minors. I'll trade my taurus in to get it to be RWD for free, anyday. If a person is scared of the rear end kicking out, then they either think the gas pedal is an on/off switch, or they need to replace their tires.
And to 88transam;

The VR4 is a 4 wheel steering AWD car.

AWD is the best for pretty much everything, as far as I can see. You have twice as much surface area with power driving wheels, and more control. I can't think of many situations in which FWD or RWD is better. (Underpowered cars is the only real situtation)

posted by  Godlaus

my preference


posted by  newuser03

Formula 1 cars tried 4wd but the drivers hated it.

AWD cars are not superior to RWD in every way, they have the most power loss through it's transmission and have a poorer top speed. Also the need for 2 diffs makes them more heavier than RWD which is another disadvantage.

When did you last see a 4wd win at Le Mans? Why did Nissan junked it's 4wd Attessa system in favour of RWD for it's R33 Le Mans racer? Why hasn't Ferrari gone 4wd?

posted by  fudge

At the outer limits of performance cars on pavement (from formula cars to drag racers) RWD is "best" due to both accellerative weight transfer, and distribution of "responsibility" (all tires provide traction but one end provides directional control and one end provides accellerative ability). FWD and AWD make the front tires do too much of the work in most situations on pavement, due to the higher forces acting on them.

A few steps below the ultimate performance cars (and pretty much all street cars are below that level) it simply doesn't matter in most situations (remember, we're talking handling). In fact, tires and swaybar/spring/shock settings matter more, as well as weight and width.

CRXs kep up with Miatas, and can beat Corvettes. Why? Light weight, narrow, short. With decent tires, they are as agile as any light car cn be, and due to being smaller, they can go though transitions better. That's but one example.

people like to bring up the Lotus Elise as an example of RWD handling better, when in fact the Lotus is a prime example of light wieght, balance and suspension tuning more than which end is driven. Are there any similarly powered, similar weight and size FWD cars avaialble to compare to? Not from a factory, especially a small factory devoted to performance cars like Lotus is.

It isn't about understeer or oversteer, as I can tune a FWD or RWD car to do either as a basic state. It's about willingness to change direction and lightness of steering, and I can make either FWD, RWD, or AWD react similarly and as agile given similar massing and overall dimensions.

posted by  ChrisV

so much bullcrap was written that im impressed chrisv didnt reply yet with a very angry post......

RWD cars are preferred simply cuz they can actually be controlled easier (in a suitable manner in sports driving) with the throttle. u can make them overspin a bit in order to correct the turning angle depending on the needs (understeering or oversteering). FWD cars do not have this ability, at least not most. also, give a FWD bigger front tires to have more....... well, contact with the road, and its gonna have even more understeer. AWD's have the issue of sometimes having too much grip which = understeer.

RWD cars are simply just easier to manage for sports uses as long as the driver knows how to use it. they respond better to mods (mods being bigger tires and more power, due to the axles and transmissions wearing out slower).

RWD cars just simply have better geometric advantages that are much better as long as the driver uses them to his/her advantage.

FWD and AWD cars that handle like beasts have actually needed to go through even more research and a lot more money put into them. its like getting to the same point through 2 roads. the RWD road is quite easy, while the FWD/AWD road is a bit longer (in terms of work having to be inserted into them to make them handle well without their traditional cons).

in the old days, RWD cars actually did compete in rally events, but the FWD's understeer in normal roads is actually a huge advantage in dirt roads. drivers certainly dont wanna lose control like beasts in dirt roads, specially with a cliff next to them. and AWD cars in rally? ffs...... the advantages are obvious for a car using all 4 wheels than a car using just 2 wheels..... (see the new subaru commercial where all the cars are on 2 wheels except the subaru). why have 4 wheels when you are only going to use 2?

ITR's are tremendous FWD cars cuz of how much work Honda/Acura put into its suspension (great work they did too). same with all those other fwd cars that handle so well (specially in autocross where handling is #1).

as for the skyline........ i think the attesa was just a bit too expensive to maintain in the teams, and probably a hassle when changing parts and such. in fact, im not even sure if some rule was put up against the attesa (i doubt it, but i heard something about it). also, with a good driver, aerodynamics, and suspension set up, they dont really need the attesa ets system (thats why they are called professionals).

posted by  Inygknok

I'm pretty much saying the same thing as everyone else, but in the end it comes down to each drivetrain's advantages and disadvantages. For example, a FWD will understeer more under acceleration and can torque steer, but it's cheap, space-saving, has good traction, and is safer in bad weather. On the other hand, RWD's produce oversteer under acceleration and usually have less traction if the engine is mounted in the front and is more expensive, but it is used more for performance driving and is usually much sportier.

posted by  moostang104314

AWD is the best, but out of RWD and FWD i like the way RWD feels alot better.

posted by  Oomba

There must be a lot of competition guys out there that are unaware the RWD in rallies no longer exists.

posted by  Wally

i just sit and read...

posted by  Low Impedance

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