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my fuel pump on my 1990 nissan stanza 2.4 xe keeps on shorting out.
it only shorts out when the car is running . when i turn the key to prime the pump it is fine . me and my dad ran some test on it and we can't figure it out . Does any one have any suggestions on what i should look for or have any test we can run to find the problem .

posted by  shawn332006

bring it to the shop.

posted by  newuser03

thats the problem i don't have money to bring it to the shop

posted by  shawn332006

Ya, thats exactly why he's here, is to save money. Why go to a shop if people here can help.

posted by  car_crazy89

Take it off and look for any blockage. I would suggest flushing out the fuel tank also.

posted by  FordFromHell351

Oh crap its another google.com :laughing:

posted by  99integra

are u sure its the fuel pump? it might be other problems...

are u experiencing any other symtoms on your car?

There were problems with my car when i first got it also...i thought it was the fuel pump at first also, because it didnt seem like my fuel pumping was getting sufficient fuel to my engine. Then the car died out on me one day...still didnt know what was wrong with it until i towed it to a shop. There were many guesses from friends...but i found out later that it was my ignition coil...

posted by  nissanTFsx

well i ran some more test. i ran twelve voltes firectly to the pump and i started my car and it ran just fine. and before when i started it it blew the fuse uot right away. i also put a new ground because a mechanic told me the pump just might be shorting itself out and that didn't work either . so does that meen that the pump needs a new ground or what.

posted by  shawn223

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