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im getting a new car, ive got to choose between a 2002 350z, or a 1994 Rx7.. wich one would you choose.. consider all, apearance, performance, everything. and also, wich would be faster, how fast could i make them go?

posted by  Guns_10


posted by  nissanTFsx

stock vs stock...take da Z.
stock Z vs RX-7 TT...not fair for da Z.

Z's are heavier, RX-7's have better handling i guess, since their weights are more balancely distributed ...almost 50:50

if you like new cars, take da Z. Cuz you do have to know that da rotary engines are hard to fix if there happens to be something wrong with it.

But rotary engines are coo...really hard to choose.

if you say 300zx(90+) and rx-7, then i would tell you to take da Z for sho'!
cuz i LOVE the 300zx's. but thats just my opinion. :laughing:

posted by  nissanTFsx

If the FD RX7 has a LS1 or 20B in there, get it. If not, get the Z.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Early year 350's had some suspension problems if i remember right. Theyre also really expensive for their class. and they shift weird.

posted by  Oomba

Rx-7 for shizzle!

Just the price difference should convince you, the average price of a third gen RX-7 is about 14k. A 350 costs upwards of 30k.....

posted by  Zalight

heh...but one is only a few yrs old, and the other one is 10+ yrs old :hi:

posted by  nissanTFsx

i am a 7 advocate but would say, go for the z because honestly, you have to have 1) something wrong with you and 2) patience to work on / own / drive a 7. and i have much of both 1 and 2.

posted by  Low Impedance

lol! 3rd gen RX7s can be a real nightmare. Love them to death, but no doubt about the reasons for their reputation.

posted by  ChrisV

yea my brothers third gen is on its last leg. thing smokes like a tire factory and has some pretty major ol pressure problems. But he will soon have it rebuilt and get a nice stage 3 street port while hes in there.

posted by  Zalight

The RX-7 is a cooler looking car, and gets 17 MPG Highway, and 25 City, which is a bit worse than the Z, about 20HWY and 26City, but the 305Z also costs about twice as much as the RX-7. The 7 performs better, and comes stock with 2 turbochargers...I'm pretty sure. It has a 1.7L engine, but makes over 250 Horspower, even though the 350Z has an engine of 3.5L, and making over 280 Horsepower, the Z weighs about 400 lbs. more. The RX-7 can be modified with the money saved from the 350Z, to have upwards of 300HP. RX-7 All the way.

posted by  chris_knows

wow...that was just...wow

First off, switch the city and highway mileage for the rx7, then cange 1.7L to 1.3L, then change the 400lb weight difference to a 700lb wieght difference, and last change the price from twice as much to almost three times as much ($13,400 KBB on the RX7-$36,850 for a new 350z) and your post might be getting somewhere.

posted by  Zalight

Yeah, I was wondering about that city and highway mpg, lol :laughing:

posted by  Accord_Man

Oops...Sorry about that, and the other information I was getting off google, I wasn't sure whether it was true. lol

posted by  chris_knows

i like fcs their cool, looks like the porsche (spelling) and also the fact that i just dont like the 350z

posted by  ahoo

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