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what are the horsepower for the 92 sentra se-r? how much torque? is it a sr20de motor? are they fast? is it a fwd or rwd?

posted by  silvia_star

I dont know if this will help cause its for 91'-94' but its all i found right now. usedcarreviewspecs/

Engines: ~Front engine, front wheel drive~
a) dohc I4
b) dohc I4

Size liters/
cu. in.:
a) 1.6 / 97
b) 2.0 / 122

a) 110
b) 140

a) 108
b) 132

EPA city/hgwy:
a) 5-speed manual: 29/29
3-speed automatic: 27/37
4-speed automatic: 27/36

b) 5-speed manual: 24/32
4-speed automatic: 23/30

posted by  car_crazy89

Lol, last time I checked 92 was between 91-94 so it should most definatly help :laughing:

posted by  Vlad

Haha i know, i pretty much missed the obvious :laughing: . Cant you tell i'm SMRT :mrgreen: .

posted by  car_crazy89

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