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Someone help me please
I drive a 1990 Pontiac 6000LE Automatic
for my birthday, I want my parents to let me get a stickshift car
For my own money
the tihng is that my stubborn dad says i dont need a car
and second he says that i dont need a stick but need an automatic
like who the hell is he to say what i need and dont need
he cant even drive an automatic
when he gave me his car, it had no motor oil, no transmission fluid, and no brake or powersteering fluid, and hardly any coolant, and he goes rambling on that i dont know about cars. at least i know to check my fluids every week.
Anyway how do I convince them that stick is for me and to let me get a car soon
im turning 17

posted by  6000LE

Your parents can make the decision of what you can buy, with your own money? That would suck. I'm only 15 and can buy whatever i want, as long as its with my money (and within reason). If you think you could talk them into it and you really want a stick then go for it, what really do you have to lose. I think its allitle unreasonable not letting you buy it but hey, i'm young, maybe thats how i'm supposed to think lol. Good luck with it though.

posted by  car_crazy89

I wouldn't be dissin your parents like that, you have had two years driving experience and while concentrating on the road and having your friends in the car can be very distracting and a stick shift would be to hard to concentrate on the road with. Wait at least another year to get one :2cents:

posted by  99integra

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