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I'm currently considering getting HID lights (the real thing, not simulated bulbs) for my car, and I was wondering if there was anyone on this forum who had made such a modification who could give some advice as to what brands to look for / avoid. A quick search of ebay returns more people selling HID kits by different manufacturers than I have bothered to count, but I have heard that some aftermarket lights use insufficient bulb shielding or cut corners in other ways. Anyone have tips?

I was also wondering what the legal limit is for the color temperature of the lights; the kits I've seen range from 3000K (yellow) to 14000K (purple). I would be most interested in something in the 6000 - 8000K range, but I don't want to exceed the legal limit.

Anyhow... if anyone can post tips, things to watch out for, details of their installation/usage experience... it would help me out. Thanks!

posted by  sumitsu

Well I bought and installed an aftermarket HID kit on my car with 12000k bulbs and it makes a huge difference from halogen. And since I have reflector headlights, it is very bright and noticable. Well the brand I got is from Japan, name I don't know. But the installation is plug and play, I notice some HID kits required a separate wire to hook up to the battery and some kits with the ballast and ignitor being separate. I don't know which is better. But the bulbs make a difference. Don't bother getting HID if you install the 3000k bulbs to 6000k bulbs, looks stock. I recommend getting 8000k (blue) to 12000k (blue purpleish) for the extreme look. I never had problems with law enforcements maybe due to the fact that many cars out there have HID as a standard feature, and cops can't do anything about stock cars.

posted by  drifterv_2000

One more thing, there are different bulbs for the reflector headlights and the projector headlights. So check your headlight and get the appropriate bulbs for your application.

posted by  drifterv_2000

Do your research well. Otherwise you will just end up blinding everybody else on the road. You should only use HID bulbs in housings designed for them, or purchase HID bulbs specificially for non-OEM HID housings (which I had never heard of).

posted by  Bino

Out of curiosity, what car do you have?

I researched HID kits for my car and usually ebay is the place to find an entire conversion kit for a good price. Im told that McCullough (sp?) and phillips bulbs are very good. Ive also been advised that purple is not bright enough and is unsafe to use, 5k-7k is about right.

posted by  importluva

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