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Is the column that says [U]kit hp the amount of hp your engine will have after the intallation, or is it how much hp the kit will add to your engine? Thanks.

posted by  Accord_Man

It's neither. It's a utopian rating your engine could achieve if the planets are all in alignment.

I would hazzard a guess they are flogging the kits based on flow potential.

As you probably know the amount of power produced by an engine has a correlation with the amount of air and fuel being burnt. So you can get a pretty close approximation of power production by simply figuring that if 1kW is about 1 litre/sec @ atmospheric pressure @ good fuel ratio. That's 1.34hp for 2.12 cfm = 1.58 cfm/hp (damned imperial measurements).

So what they tend to work on as an index is two atmospheres boost pressure and the amount of air being drawn into the compressor. So when they say 250 hp, they mean the compressor will draw in 250 x1.58 = 395 cfm when the boost pressure is 14.69 psig.

The problem with this is that your engine has to be capable of gulping the preferred amount of air.

You notice how they haven't caught up with CarForums experts and still rate the kits in power instead of torque? Someone should get on their tail and set them straight about publishing in fundamental ft-lb units. :wink2:

posted by  Wally

First thing that came to mind;

posted by  Godlaus

:laughing: May the farce be with you

posted by  Wally

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