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What would you do if you had these choices:
I bought a cold air intake for my rsx...but the intake runs right underneathe my windshield washer fluid box. Now i can either take it out along with the hoses too, and not have that (i dont use it anyways) or i can buy another re-mountaing kit and find a new place to stick it. Some of my friends around here say rip it out others say no...im leaning towards taking it out...thats less weight :mrgreen: (like a couple oz.s) but what would you guys do?

posted by  rsxdude

Just rip it out, if you don't use it then go ahead. One question, is the cold air intake close to the wheel well, if it is you will get more air into it resulting in more hp :2cents:

posted by  99integra

Just rip it out of there and sell it on eBay or something, at least make some money by taking it out. :mrgreen:

posted by  FordFromHell351

lol i like that ebay idea :mrgreen: and yeah teg, the fliud box is on the right side right above the wheel well and the intake runs right underneath it by the wheel so that is a plus but yeah i think ima go ahead and rip it out later tonight...me and a buddy should get that done real quick...thanks for the input tho guys :thumbs:

posted by  rsxdude

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