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how big is a 20g turbo? is it made by greddy? is it a good turbo? about how big is it? how much hp does it produce?

posted by  silvia_star

I can give you some specs, but I don't know how well you'll understand them.

http://cherrypicker.tripod.com/id1.html <--- go there for starters.

The 20g turbo is also known as a TD06/TD05 (depending on whether it's a hybrid or not). It is in fact made by Greddy.

It should be good for high 300's to low 400's (that is if I remember correctly, if not 500 at the most).

Also, if i remember correctly, greddy turbo's are THREE bolt turbos. Meaning you need to make sure the flange on your manifold and downpipe are 3 bolt and not the usual 4 bolt that most other turbos use.

posted by  SpdRcrChk

Not all 20G's are my by GReddy... but some are.

posted by  Bino

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