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I'm considering the Honda Accord EX (4-cyl.) and am wondering about the quality of the standard radio/ 6-CD changer that's standard. I've heard some people complain about them. My interest isn't in the best sound quality but in how the radio/ CD-changer holds up over time and how easy it is to navigate while driving. In fact, the only complaint that I have when I've test driven the Accord is that the radio doesn't seem the easiest to work while driving due to the positioning of it.



posted by  Jenk

Well, if your going to drop that much on a car, surely you can afford a 150$ deck that comes with a simple to use remote....I love having a remote for my deck, I know all the controls from memory, I don't need to look down at my deck whatsoever when driving to know what I'm doing, really nice.

Just my :2cents:. As for the actual quality of the factory deck? No clue...

posted by  dodgerforlife

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