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I have personally never heard of this brand of subwoofers. They are called Volfenhag. I was planning on getting the 12" 1200Watt ones.

check them out.

posted by  ciVicman

They look really familiar. I'd check for a warranty on them, and if it's good enough, get them :thumbs:

posted by  Juhosaphat

thunderbird swears by them. Personally never heard 'em.

Do not confuse the 1200 Watt Max power rating with the 400 watt RMS power rating. Do no throw 1200 watts RMS at that sub, or you will cook it in a few minutes.

most important spec you might want to look at before purchase:
Freq. resp.: 27Hz - 3KHz

for a 12" sub, thats not a great low end...for comparison of other subs in the same price range:

Kicker CompVR 12" Dual 4Ohm coils: 25Hz - 500Hz
Infinity 12" Dual 2Ohm coils: 18Hz - 250Hz
Pioneer Premier 12" Dual 2Ohm coils: 18Hz - 2000Hz

For shits n giggles: Pioneer Premier Shallow Mount 12": 18Hz - 1000 Hz

Trust me, even 2Hz to the kicker, and anything below that, will make a world of difference in music(i guess it kind of depends on what kind of music you listen to also...), but with a deeper low end, theres less chance of the sub bottoming out on you.

And don't worry to much about the top end, you really shouldn't expect the sub to be going higher then 125hz(depending on where you have your filter set)

posted by  dodgerforlife

i have this subwoofer, it pounds OK for a 12, its pretty good, its defintely not shitty, but personally i dont think its enough.

posted by  Stem

It's the best sub I've ever come across that's under $100. PErsonally I had two 15" DVC's at one time and they sounded excellent.

As to what dodge said about freq. response...
Every company lies about that... The 12" Volf will do 18hz just like 12" Comp VR...It will move but you cant hear anything (human hearing drops off at 20hz). If you want low end, build a big box. If you just want to get loud (which i dont recommend these subs personally on just getting 'loud') you build a smaller box and send it more power.

If all you want to do is get loud and care nothing about sound quality by all means get some Comps or Comp VRs. But if you care about a little clarity for little price, nothing is better than the Volf DVC Aluminum.

posted by  thunderbird1100

again, i still need to hear these damned volfs lol - i love the pioneer subs, even their slim mount sounds pretty amazing.

and i have hearing below 20....down to 18 actually....and a way-up high range...cant remember the number...and thats from when i had my hearing tested last year(after my third ear infection)

posted by  dodgerforlife

I'd get 1 of these (
I have 2 of them in my trunk right now and thier insanely loud. but if yer lookin to buy car audio dont go cheap, because usualy u get what u pay for(cheap = sh*t). all i gotta say is Do it big

posted by  Mx3Kid

SPL = Power Ackoustik = Zero clarity

They get loud alright, but might as well buy an audiobahn if all you want to do is get loud.

posted by  thunderbird1100

thunder are the 05 type r's good for their price? are their 12's better than the volfenhag 12's?

posted by  Stem

Psh Audiobahn :banghead: , get the aluminum ones if any because the other ones sound like crap. thunderbird u got anything bad to say about a Kicker SoloX?

posted by  Mx3Kid

hehehe...he generally has something bad to say about any widely available(in-store) brands... :orglaugh:

posted by  dodgerforlife

Yes, the 05 Type R's are loads better than the previous Type R's. The Type-R is the next step up from a Volfenhag DVC (sounds better, gets a little louder but costs twice as much). A Volfenhag DVC would compare well with a previous gen Type-R though...little better woofer IMO.

posted by  thunderbird1100

The Audiobahn ALUMS are quite possibly the worst sounding SQ subs that is meant to be a SQ sub out on the market. Not to mention (like all other Audiobahns) they are widely overrated in power. Yeah, go ahead and feed an ALUM with it's recommended RMS of 1100rms.... I'm not talking from an Audiobahn amp either. KABOOM.

The SOLO X does what it's designed to do, get REALLY F'in loud. It's another one of those pure SPL subs, but even a more extreme one than most. I wouldnt ever buy one consider they are known to have the typical square cone Kicker problems and there is much better stuff on the market for their price (IE, Resonant Engineering MT). The Solo X is not a very good daily driving sub, it's meant to be fed with thousands of watts in short burps to get as loud as possible in competitions.

Click products, then subs. There you will find the MT.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I've yet to come across a decent subwoofer in a Circuit City or Best Buy. Until recently Best Buy didnt carry one worthwhile sub until they started carrying Alpine which now means they have good amps and at least one good subwoofer (although you have to shell out $220 for one 12" Type-R then pay tax on top of that).

The only decent sub I've come across in a Circuit City was a Polk MOMO 12" I heard. In the Polk box fed with 300rms it was really tight and accurate bass. Didnt get too loud though.

posted by  thunderbird1100

thunder, you know how im getting the two DD3512s with the hifonics BX2005. I was wondering if it would be ok to run one of those amps to each sub (4000 watts total) just for competition. I thought it would be ok since each can handle 3000 so 2000 to each shouldn't hurt them. But when I'm just listening to music I would take out one amp to give it RMS power. What do you think.

posted by  Accord_Man

It would be fine. Subs like these can take short competition burps with 2x/3x/4x the rated power and not break. Each of my DD3515d's get 1323rms from my Orion 2500D. Still not one problem.

posted by  thunderbird1100

ahh, my store handles eclipse, focal, boston, pioneer premier....nice gear :)

posted by  dodgerforlife

they are one of the better systems i have heard my buddy had 2 12's in his car and man did they beat likehell

posted by  mx3_monster

alpines? oh yeah, the new type r's is the only ones i would touch now. dont even touch the s series subs with a ten foot pole. i blew two in three weeks, on an amp that wasnt even pushing their max rms allowable.

bet you two clarions could smoke the alpines though :)

posted by  dodgerforlife

I never rag on TRUE audio shops. They always carry something good (even if its overpriced JL crap).

posted by  thunderbird1100

I doubt Clarion has any woofer out right now that can match or exceed a new 05 Type-R on performance.

On another forum I saw a guy who did a SPL test with a few woofers...including a Type-R against other superwoofers like an MTX 9500 and an RE SX (if i remember correctly) and it got the loudest when all got equal power (gave them I believe 1500rms or therabouts). Funny thing is he had no reliability problems with the Type-R getting 3x its 500rms rating.

posted by  thunderbird1100

well, maybe not the new R's....but i was referring to the two alpines i shot to shit.

and i like my audio warehouse...great store. locally owned and operated for over 30 years, specializes in the higher end gear....the only other one that has higher end gear just opened last year, and they dont specialize in car audio...they only carry mb quartz and focal as their higher end gear...then they sell trashy shit.

posted by  dodgerforlife

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