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How do u kno if a car has good modifyin potential?
like some of my friends say the RSX has very low potential if ur gonna try n modify it .
while the.. say silvia's have a much greater potential.

is it just the room it has under the bonnet ? or the type of engine.. that the RSX is a NA engine?
has it got sumthin to do with the compression ratio..?
what ever that means... if ne1 can explain what compression means / does it would be great too.. lol

posted by  n00b

1999 Acura Integra GSR
1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
1997 Honda Civic
1992 Nissan 240sx

These all have very good potential :thumbs:

The RSX is okay but the Type-S is a lot better

It has to do with horsepower and torque mixed with handling and weight. Here is something to help you with your compression ratio question. Just click on compression ratio.

posted by  99integra

i have a RSX and they have alot potential and of course the type s has more than the base but the only bad thing is, the brand new 05's (like mine) dont have alot of products out for it yet...i bought some lowering springs that a company said would fit the 05...but they dont and the only set that does fit JUST came out yesterday (Jun.7) So yeah they have potential and it will get better with time.

posted by  rsxdude

The RSX-S has tons of potential and your buddies know aboslutely shit...

The k20a2 and K20z1 engines respond to mods very well. Matter fact I have an intake comparison for the k20a2 engine and all the short rams gain about 7-10 WHEEL hp and the Cold airs all got between 13-20 WHEEL hp (and this engine already is pumping out over 100hp/liter N/A completely stock. The RSXs in the Speed World Challenege do extremely well as do the TSXs (matter fact Acura is leading the manufacturers cup by a bit and the top points for driver is driving a TSX).

posted by  thunderbird1100

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