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i am giving my girlfriend my 95 grand-am and looking to buy myself something decent for around $10,000. I do not know alot about cars and will probably not be doing much work to it. I would like something that has decent speed, looks nice and will run well for many years to come, that's why I am looking at imports.

I am a salseman for hyundai and have an 02 eclipse gt on my lot right now that i can pick up for about $11,000 with 33k miles on it, which is about what the car books for. I don't think it is a bad price but am not sure if it is the right car to get. I drove it today and I must say it is pretty nice, decent pickup, handles well, sounds good. I guesse i am just looking for suggestions. I have also looked at a couple of rx7's on ebay but they all seem to have high miles on them. this is a car i would like to keep for atlest 5 years. any suggestions?


posted by  chris1017

well. . . so i've heard, the newer eclpise's suck ass. . . go to this site. . . . I would'nt buy an eclipse period. . but check out that site. . with that much money. . . i'd say integra gs-r. . . will last forever . . decent on gas. . fast . . cant ever go wrong with an acura 94 and up integra is the way to go if you ask me. . . but if you perfer a rwd car, then look at some 240sx's . . 95 and up

posted by  jzxTT

wow, very scarry, mabey i should just buy a hyundai elantra and stick with a warranty.


posted by  chris1017

yes...i agree with jzxTT :clap:

want something reliable...go for Honda or its cousin Acura...

RWD...go for Nissan! :mrgreen:

300ZX (90+) they are good looking...maintenance is probably expensive, but its worth it IMO.

240SX is also coo too...i got one myself...its a 91...and its still pulling hard.

if you have about 10k to spend....grab a 97+ 240sx...the stock motor is not really powerful, but the car is not slow at all. *2.4L DOHC KA24DE* pushing about 155HP...pretty impressive to me. OF course its no big deal compared to the JDM SR20DET engine. hehe... :thumbs:

posted by  nissanTFsx

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