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i dont know why some ppl drag on the base rsx out there cuz i'm a new owner of one, i hear ppl sayin a sunfire can kick my ass or a celica can keep up with me, or that a base rsx is nothing more then a civic? i know there are resemblences of the civic and rsx, i owned a civic before and trust the rsx is a lot more different and as for those ppl that say crap cars can take me i duno why.......i raced a sunfire gt smoked it, raced a caviler type z creamed it, raced a celicia gt taht was just funny cuz lots of ppl say a celica is fast off the line i had it from the begining......i realize that the celica is in the same class but i can tell you the rsx in the sports class is top of the line i'm just sayin in its own class, not sayin its the best car in the world but i hate it when ppl are like the base rsx's arent great cars cuz they are damnit, some say it like 160hp isnt a lot of power i think compared to a lot of cars thats pretty damn good some cars at its top model dont even give anything near 160hp, so ppl should quit their draggin on the base rsx's cuz the car is a super awesome car.........i say some of this on being a lil bit biased cuz i own one and i live in a lil city called saskatoon so rsx's are pretty damn great cars here its rare to have here until you go bout 6 hours outside then it becomes a common thing to have

posted by  chibi

i think the honda vtec iz awesome for the new rsx... nice mixture... my brother has a 96 eagle talon tsi awd with slight mods(exhaust,boost controller,intake,etc) and the rsx, non type s, automatic ws keepin up with my brother.. rsx was my bros girl's car lolz... he didnt push his car too fast.. but the rsx iz a pretty fast car :thumbs:

posted by  4g63

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