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i have been reading post the last few days and i feel like a big sponge right now, trying to absorb alot of information on a subject i know very little about. I must say, there are alot of well informed people on this site, I hope you all can help me make my decission.

anyway, I have been reading many post and figured the most popular way to go in my new venture would either be a 90+ 240sx or a 99- gsx eclipse/talon.

any reason i should choose one over the other, please let me know or give me advice on another car. I am willing to spend about 10-12 grand but the less i spend the better.


posted by  chris1017

y 90+ 240 when 89 is the same thing as 90... :wink2:

posted by  nissanTFsx

Well... I really like 240's, but I'm a bigger fan of AWD and turbochargers (hence why I own a GSX... so I'm biased). So I vote for the '99 GSX/'98 TSI (there were no '99 Talons).

posted by  Bino

i figured 90+ 240sx because the prices are not bad and while i am looking for a car with some performance, the most important thing is a car that will last me for a couple of years and the newer the car, usually the less milage they have. i am not dead set on these 2 but they do seem to be the most popular.

speaking of popular, i work for a car dealership and i have a customer comming in tomorrow that may be trading a 2003 nissan 350z, can't wait to see this one, though it is way out of my price range. that car will sell between $15,000-$20,000 depending on the model. how sweet.

anyone have any other suggestions on a car that will last but has a some speed, let me know. I seem to be hearing mixed results about the eclipse's. glad i found this site, my dealership has a 2002 eclipse gt I almost bought until I heard that the new ones suck. i could pick it up for about $10,500 otr with only 33,000 miles on it which is a good deal for me since the black book on it is $10,000 and we are selling it for 15,000. to bad they suck


posted by  chris1017

any other suggestions, i think my main goal is to get a sound running car that will mop up these little coffee can honda's and run with the v-6 mustangs. i don't need to run 10's-11's just need to holp my own. i was thinking around $10,000 to spend but would like to come in well under so i can get a decent paint job. I want a nice even mix of speed and looks but will get me back and forth to work for the next few years.

as i have stated in all my post, i am new to this world of imports and need all the advice i can get. i have been reading and learning a lot but i still to be guided.

btw, i really like the eclipse but they are a little costly, hard to find with decent miles and i keep hearing that mits. has had a lot of engine problems.

everyone, please help this serious new guy break into your fun little world.

thank you


posted by  chris1017

I would go for the 240SX. The Eclipse and Talons tend to have problems alot. Ive been around both cars and have to say that the 240SX is a much better engineered vehicle. However the Eclipse and Talons have better performance, being that theyre turbocharged and have the DOHC design and to boot are 4WD.

I would still recommend getting the 240SX because:
1.More reliable
2.You could always just turbocharge it after you get it :mrgreen:
3.Its RWD :hi:

posted by  FordFromHell351

And don't forget the SR20DT engine conversion :hi:

posted by  99integra

about how much would the sr20 engine cost me, where would i find one, and how difficult would the swap be. I have a mecanich friend who i would let do the swap if it is not too difficult but i am not sure i trust him if it is just a simple bolt in and does anything need to be done to the transmission for the swap. mabey a new trannie, any suggestions.

by the way, these things are hard to find, do you suggest the SE model if i am doing an sr20 swap.

lots of questions, i know just trying to learn as much as i can. i am thinking that if i were to do the swap i can find a cheap high milage model with a good body and just swap the motor and have it repainted, hopefully around the same price as good car and then i will know if the swap was really done and how many miles the new motor will have on it.

again, thanks for all the help.


posted by  chris1017

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