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i am very new to the import world, about 3 days now, and i am thinking about getting a 240sx or eclipse gsx, because i am used to american cars my fear is that these higher milage cars, 89,000+ miles will not last me very long, so how hard is it to find stock motors of these mid 1990's cars and how much does it usually cost to swap an engine by a pro, mind you it will probably be a stock motor because i do not know what goes into putting a different motor into a car it was not intended for.

by the way, thank you everyone for your help in my previous post, i really appreciate all the advice that you give, hopefully this will be a fun new hobby for me, I have had so much fun and learned so much about cars i have never heard of in the past few days, look for me to be around awhile.


posted by  chris1017

well...it depends on u...if you are just gonna grab a stock motor and you want speed...take the Eclipse GSX. But if you want something that will last much longer and not too fast or slow...take the 240sx.

i heard that Eclipse engines dont last long after 100k miles...so think about that.

posted by  nissanTFsx

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