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For, say a gts-tm or some other lower model skyline, how much for a used one with reasonable mileage, some mods so that it has atleast over 310bhp and to get it to baltimore, MD?
What you all reckon?

posted by  want_a_skyline

$126,000, buddy good luck trying :wink2:

posted by  99integra

its not cheep, there are people on the web that can get the car sent to you for $$$$ but customs could keep the car and you may never get the thing, scc was talking about how hard it is and how much it can cost, you should check there archives.

posted by  JFroTurbo

ahh ok cheers

posted by  want_a_skyline

126,000, for a 02 GTR S-tune maybe, A early 90's GTR would cost about 9,000 for the car, 2500 to ship, and 2or 3 grand to make legal. I swa a deal in the Stars and Stripes for a '90 GTR in okinawa for $8500. A 99 or later GTS would in total cost about $30,000. But I would rather get a Silvia S14 than that car and its cheaper

posted by  desertsoldier22

Or you could just move to japan and get all the good cars, hehe

posted by  desertsoldier22

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