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what do you think about this deal here. i would opt for the ka upgrade.

are the parts being used nice or are they cheap knock offs and do you think this car is worth $10,000 tegory=20744

let me know what you think.


posted by  chris1017

i would say, get it, buy the sr20 and whqatnot from the and install it yourself, or have a mechanic you pick install it... thatway youle know what you got and how well the install was done

posted by  mazda6man

i personally dont trust ebay....and if i were you then i would just leave that shit alone, cause its all pretty much fake or not exactly what it says it is. If you really wanted the car then i would suggest that youy go and look at it yourself, and if you cant...screw it. Buy a older car for waaaaaay less and i know whewre you can get a JDM SR20DET S13 or S14, which both are turbo with some good shit on them. The S13 runs about 1100$ and the S14 runs about 2500$. And they would be worth it.

posted by  rsxdude

Id go for it. I use eBay, I havent gotten screwed yet :mrgreen: I got my Bonneville SSEi that I just traded for my new truck off of there for a Buy it Now price of $5,500, and it was WELL worth it. I miss that car :oops:

The parts being used on it look all right...not exactly top of the line but...I guess they would do..that exhaust tip is a piece of shit though...looks like one of those cheap Toucan or Matrix Racing mufflers. :banghead:

posted by  FordFromHell351

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