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I have a talon esi and was wondering what kind hp its putting out. also i want to get the best mods i can for under $500. i want it to keep up with the tsi models. I found this kit on ebay and was woondering if its worth it cause sometime in the future i might think about putting a turbo on and even if i didnt add a turbo how much hp would it add?http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=797947923 0&ssPageName=MERC_VI_RSCC_Pr4_PcY_BIN_Stores

posted by  farmboy108

You still have to tell us what year it is....

http://auto.consumerguide.com/Auto/Used/reviews/full/index.cfm/id/2145/act/ usedcarreviewshowall/

140 horses. You coulda just googled it.....

And the intake manifold really isn't that beneficial if you're not going with a nitrous or Turbo application. You're looking at 5-6 hp by adding the intake manifold MAX.

Honestly, I wouldn't touch the ESI, cuz FWD just doesn't stick with me. I'd use it to get me from work and back so that I could afford a better sports car.

posted by  Godlaus

the injectors and fuel rail wont do any thing?

posted by  farmboy108

Maybe if you needed more fuel (aka had a turbo, nitrous, etc.)

But by themselves, they won't help you at all. If you're serious about getting a turbo, then it'd be beneficial. I don't like e-bay, though, so I'd be buying from a direct dealer.

posted by  Godlaus

No, more fuel does nothing for you unless you happen to be giving your motor more air... i.e. turbo. Or, you're giving your motor a fuel burn accelerator (i.e. NO2 or LOx). In which case you still really don't need bigger injectors as a wet kit is safer for the engine anyway.

Just re-iterating what Godlaus stated. Never hurts to have two of the same opinion to help make a decision. You might drop a ton of money into your ESI, and in the end, you could have just sold the car, taken that money and the money you spent on mods and purchase a factory turbo car... and likely afford some mods to boot.

posted by  Bino

That's a pretty inaccurate statement. Only the '95-'96 cars are very prone to crankwalk. It occassionally happens on '93-'94 and '97-'99, but it's very rare. Really only the '95-'96 cars are prone to crankwalk (TSI and GSX/GST).

posted by  Bino

Well... I believe that is up for interpretation. Perhaps I should have said that it's quite rare on '98-'99 DSM's. I'll let people check the poll below and make their own interpretations.


1995 NO CW YET! 181
1995 CWed 61
1996 NO CW YET! 47
1996 CWed 15
1997 NO CW YET! 104
1997 CWed 41
1998 NO CW YET! 83
1998 CWed 6
1999 NO CW YET! 53
1999 Cwed 7

posted by  Bino

Just do a 6-bolt swap and all problems are solved.

posted by  Bino

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