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i want a exhast system or just the muffler or w/e for a base rsx that can sound awesome, any recommendations?

posted by  chibi

Go ahead and make your car sound like shit. :banghead: But Greddy and DC has some good exhaust systems.

posted by  99integra

Why would you just throw a muffler on?.....Get a greddy, APexi, or ractive Full catback exhuast......theres a big price diff. between a muffler and a full looks more like you need to decide how much money you have to spend first. :doh:

posted by  civisi99

eff i dunno, i'm a newbie to cars kinda, still learnin i duno wahts called what to well but its along those lines i know i want somethin like that, i want it to sound awesome and hopefully gain a lil horsepower.......i have bout 6 to 7 hundred to spend on the exhaust, thanks for the recommends tho and whats wrong with just wanting it to sound good?

posted by  chibi

Espelir JGT500 exhaust is a very good sounding (and power adding) system. Best I've seen on a K20 car.

posted by  thunderbird1100

See the only thing is there are so many of those cars with the exhaust systems on it but with no performance upgrades, to me they are only meaning full to cars that actually have aftermarket performance parts on them because they want to open up the airflow a little bit more. See I don't really mind if you get it because I won't be around to hear it , good way to get a couple horsepower but you lose some torque doing that :2cents:

posted by  99integra

If you just replace the stock muffler with a aftermarket muffler, would it make your car make that loud noise.

posted by  CarEXPERT

Yes, but the major sound difference would be in a catback system

posted by  99integra

the HKS Hi-Power is a very popular exhaust system for the rsx

posted by  import_nation

thats what i have on my rsx, the HKS Hi-Powere exhaust system. It sounds nice. Inside the car its not that loud, but when i get on it ppl say it is.

posted by  rsxdude

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