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im getting a new car and cannot decide on wich one to get.. i cant decide between a 1994 rx-7 with a new renesis engine, a 1999 mitsubishi eclipse, or a 2004 350z.. with about 10 grand droped into the engine of any of these cars, wich one would be fastest? what do you think about the exterior styling of the eclipse? rear or all wheel drive? thanks for the help

posted by  Guns_10

go for the rx-7 and drop a 3 rotor motor in it and twin turbo and you could devistate all manner of car big and small

posted by  300hpG

Dude...if you can seriously each of those...I don't even get why you're asking lol. 350Z!!!

posted by  hondaman

Well If you have to choose between those cars...then I would probably choose the 350z.

posted by  Honda Accord-

i guess im the first educated one to respond to this thread.......

question is, wat would u want the car for? and wat interests u the most?

in fact, u should actually go for the one u like the most in your very own personal opinion, not ours.

posted by  Inygknok

I agree, but that sonofabitch is gonna guzzle gas like no other and the hp will be monstrous. The Z is newer, so you wouldn't have to worry about repairs so much as you would the with the Eclipse and the RX-7 (with it's old engine), but if you drop a new 20B-T in the RX-7, that is where most of your 10G's will go (but the car will be wicked fast). 10G's in the Z will get you whatever kind of forced induction you want and a little on the side. I like RWD but that is my personal preference. If you live in a snowy area and you have a 400+ hp car with a 6 speed and RWD, you might not want to drive it in the snow :thumbs: . I drive my RWD in the snow but it doesn't have alot of low end power. If you want the max power possible, I would avoid the Eclipse and it's 4G63 in favor of VQ or rotorary power. The VQ will have the most low end compared to either of the other two for streetable pull. Now onto handling..... :mrgreen:

posted by  VG30DE

I would defiantely go with the Z.

posted by  Vlad

350z. Its a great car, and pretty good performance. 10k should go far on the 350.

posted by  StiMan

if you've got 10k to put into a car, don't sink it all in the motor. Build a complete car (suspension,motor,wheels,tires,) Figure about 4k in the motor,2k in suspension,2k in wheels & tire, and about 2k for installation of it all. you'll be at lot happier in the end. What good is power if you can't put it to the ground or drift around a few corners every now and then? :2cents:

posted by  airmanUSN

if you've got 10k to put into a car, don't sink it all in the motor. Build a complete car (suspension,motor,wheels,tires,) Figure about 4k in the motor,2k in suspension,2k in wheels & tire, and about 2k for installation of it all. you'll be at lot happier in the end. What good is power if you can't put it to the ground or drift around a few corners every now and then? :2cents:

what good is power if you can't slow the **** down? get some brakes upgrades mate, that's needed too.

also, you should more then likely upgrade your diff to a 2way LSD, considering the 350z came with a 1.5way LSD, meaning that it'll diff lock when goin' slideways, and the outside wheel will spin faster goin' around corners.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Remember, brakes work against mass, not hp. Mass from a given speed is the need for more brakes, and just getting to that speed quicker doen't require more braking if teh brakes already work well on that mass from that speed.

RX7s and 350Zs tend to have pretty good brakes already, that really only need a pad swap so as not to fade. Same for handling. RX7s and 350Zs handle well enough in stock form at elevated speeds that making them quicker doens't negatively affect that.

Personally, I'd never do a 20B swap in an RX7. VERY expensive and does the one thing the rotary fans claim that a V8 swap does: adds weight ahead of the front axle making the car heavier AND makes the balance worse. An LS1, OTOH, doesn't change the balance and only adds about 100 lbs of weight.

Which is why so many dead '93-94 RX7s are getting LS1 transplants. 350+ stock hp unstressed, reliable, better fuel mileage, and quite a bit faster... and very easy to get 400-500 unstressed, reliable hp from.

posted by  ChrisV

sorry forgot about brakes but the z comes with vented brembo brakes already, not sure about the rx7 and the eclipse would deffinately need an upgrade

posted by  airmanUSN

Save your pennies and get one of these:


posted by  Wally

[QUOTE=Wally]Save your pennies and get one of these:

:badrazz: :puke: :mad: :tomato: :guns: :fu: :cussing: :banghead:
not enough negitive smilies for how jacked up that front end is IMAO

posted by  airmanUSN

I am pretty sure that most Z's don't come with Brembros. It is an option on the more expensive models.

posted by  VG30DE

Better get used to it because the WRC is tipped to look just like it. :wink2:

Maybe this one this one (http://www.kruseinternational.com/images/pics/2005/aubfall05/3071_3.jpg) is more conservative:

posted by  Wally

Exactly, the Brembo's come with the Track and I think the 35th Anniversary models only. But, yeah, I would definitely go with a 350Z.

posted by  moostang104314

I agree with the idea of what ever one suits what you want but that would not tell you much. First off if the eclipse is not a GSX its not really worth it,compared to the other cars but it is one of the best looking cars with cheap mods, but if, it is, go for that because AWD is the way to go! If not that go with the rotory first off the car has earned alot of respect over the years and it is the 7th wonder of the world because it is a triple threat on the drag, street, and drift track. Forget the 350Z and go for the 300ZX it is much faster in the TT model. Plus you get more for your money.

posted by  TDash

How about a Lexis IS 300. Its best model runs with a Supra JZa80.

posted by  TDash

would the eclispe be a gs,rs,gs-t or a gsx if its a gsx or a gs-t go for it otherwise i say go for the 350z

posted by  mx3_monster

a stock IS300 keepin' up with a JZA80?.. insanity.. i thought that the IS300 came with a 1JZ-GE and the JZA80 came with a 2JZ-GTTE-VVTi ?

correct me if i'm wrong, please.

posted by  HyundaGuy

yes true the gsx gives you a lot more traction the gs-t but it also weighs a lot more too because of the awd setup

posted by  mx3_monster

A GSX doesn't way so much more that you would even notice a performance difference. Main difference would be more power loss getting to the wheels. Regardless, of the cars mentioned, get the Eclipse. I can't justify a 350Z anymore after seeing my buddies bone stock SRT-4 blow the doors off one. Grossly over weight they are. If your talking about getting an 04 350Z, you'd be better off getting an 04 EVO or STi. Drop 10k into either one of those and your waxing all cars on that list. And yes I know a TT RX-7 would probably be just as fast if not a little faster with mods. But keep in mind you better have an extra 4K lying around for new turbos or a new motor after about 20K miles of daily driven use. Modified RX-7s (fast as they are capable of being) are time bombs, sorry, but its true.

posted by  Boostjunky

And the stock Imprezas look like that also... it will be an interesting 5 years...

posted by  StiMan

IMO go with the 350Z because its not that theres anything wrong with the other two its just how often do you see 350Z's here in Ohio i've only seen two since they've came out

posted by  hhsrastler92

1994 RX-7. Is it n/a, turbo, or twin turbo?

posted by  SlipKnoT

if you like the eclipse and also like RWD, check this out. keep in mind that you can do this with the newer DSM as well!!!!! http://www.labattz.com/Misc/RWD%20DSM%20Burnout.wmv

posted by  glagon1979

All RX-7's were twin turbo that year (stock), I think. Big singles are becoming popular though, so you might find some in the used market.

posted by  VG30DE

I don't see how you can say that about the 300ZX. First of all lets look at the facts. 300hp/307lbft/5spd/3500lbs vs. 287hp/276lbft/6spd/3200lbs. How can the 300ZX be SO much faster. It isn't. I love my VG30 but I know that the new VQ series is a superior engine family. It is much easier to get more power out of that N/A VQ than it would be the Turbo VG. The 300ZX is also more of a touring car than a sports car. It isn't nearly as balanced as the 350Z. The 350Z has much more all around performance while the 300ZX is well suited for high speed stability and power. A slightly used Z is easy to find and you know it will last. Slightly used 300ZX's are much harder to find, especially turbos. I am not even going to touch the AWD subject. Do some homework :thumbs: .

posted by  VG30DE

First off the 350 Z is a good car, dont get me wrong, but first lets talk price difference the Z is a low 25,066 for the cheapest model. then the 1994 RX-7 turbo model is a mear 14,600 at high retail.last the 1999 GSX eclipse is the best in retail at 11,550 in good condition. The 1996 300zx (turbo) is about 18,025 at high retail. (note:the RX-7, Eclipse, and 300zx were at low milage). so i'd go with the RX-7 or GSX. Second the 180sx, 240sx, 300zx, and Skyline are the only cars to really prove their worth from Nissan. of course that is only my opinon. last if you go with a nissan go to the 300zx low price good look and more afordable mods. get more done to the 300zx before you could drop a dime in to the 350z. PS 300zx looks better, oh and VG30DE i did do my homework! :fu:

posted by  TDash

You are correct but i may have been misinformed about the IS 300 having a supra engine! sorry :banghead:

posted by  TDash

that is one hell of a car wally :smoke:

posted by  TDash

I wasn't gonna argue prices or looks here, because prices vary greatly and looks are opinions. I just didn't like your speed comment because it isn't true. Are you still saying that the 300ZX is alot faster than a 350Z? That is all I had beef with. And if you think those are the only good Nissans, there are plenty more.

posted by  VG30DE

not sure if the supra and is300 have the exact same engine but it think the enternals are interchangable, or the motors are swapable. with the right parts an IS300 is a bad mother. check out this one (http://chronictel.net/videos/misc/visionboy/compilation.wmv) 56K beware!

posted by  airmanUSN

Actually, i don't think you can do engine swaps easily on the IS300. I wanted to buy one before, and i researched it a bit. In order to drop in a Supra 2JZ, you had to do some engine bay modifications, i think its only slight modifications, but still work none the less. But i don't see a point, the IS300's engine is pretty new, it would be waste to swap in a older engine, even if it has more power. But i just couldn't justify the IS300, the interior was horrendous, and the 215 horses pales in comparison to it's opponents; TL (i am aware the TL is considerably more expensive, but the superior interior and power is worth the extra money), G35, new BMW 3 series, or the CTS (a little more upscale).

posted by  aerith

well he did say he has 10k to spend on a motor so thats why i mentioned it. And there is nothing wrong with swapping an older engine into a newer car, especially a supra engine. those thing are tough

posted by  airmanUSN

we all know that nissan gearboxes are tough as nails, but how do toyota hold up? mazda shit themselves and bitsamissin' have a bad reputation for spittin' boxes faster then people spit chewies.

posted by  HyundaGuy

well my neighbors land cruiser has over 200k on his and I'm sure like with any that after a certain amount of hp is created it'd need rebuilding and strengthening

posted by  airmanUSN

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