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hey which car should I get a 94 3000GT or a 92 lexus sc400. Im into street tuning and i need good handling.

posted by  junkinthetrunk

If you are into tuning than you should know that the 3000gt has better handling and performance. And you should introduce yourself also. PLEASE DO NOT STREET RACE :2cents:

posted by  99integra

for handling i would agree with the 3000gt.. If u are more into drifting or rear wheel get the 400...

posted by  seanbum

We're talking about a 3000GT VR4 correct?

posted by  TurboLag

VR4 or not, get the 3000GT.

posted by  Oomba

3000GT is a great car

posted by  import_nation

Yea the vr4. alrite so it looks like i'm gunna go with the 3000GT.

Thanks fellas!

posted by  junkinthetrunk

Post pics when you get it!

posted by  Oomba

:drool: VR4....... Definetly in my top 5.

posted by  TurboLag

even tho SC300 is RWD, i dont think its a good drift car.

get the 3000GT VR-4! dont even know y they make SL FWD, its a waste!

if you are gonna go with SC just because its a RWD coupe, i rather you consider 95+ 240sx's (body style pretty much the same as SC), cuz 240sx's are fun to drive!

posted by  nissanTFsx

He said SC400, that's the V8 model. I'd get the Lexus, I've never been overly impressed with the 3KGT, they're just too fat. Plus, if the V8 wears out, a Supra engine/tranny is a near bolt-in.

posted by  Bino

wtf are you guys smoking. Sure a vr4 is fast but he'd drown in the money he'd have to spend to keep that car alive. Its a ****ing tank too a 3800lbs, screw handling that thing can't do jack shit...and at 10+ years of age and abuse that tranny will fall under the car. I have friends who had it and they suffered mightily, stay away from that car.

posted by  importluva

yea, 3000GT might be expensive to maintain, but if the dude likes it, then theres no reason y he shouldnt get it.

I have a friend who had the money to get himself an EVO or STI; but no, he rather get a 92 240sx to fix it up and SR-powered it. Yea, its still an old car, but hey, its all about what u like and its your own opinion whether you think its worth it or not. To be honest with ya, i wouldnt buy a new car even if i have the money, cuz i think old schools look way better than these 00+ turtles running around on the street.

posted by  nissanTFsx

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