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I was just wondering, what would be faster a 1991 honda civic si or a 1990 acura integra LS. And what specs they both have, like how much HP.. and what would be the best pick.

posted by  La Migra

Integra over Civic any day, as for specs use the search tab to search this forum for info because I'm sure it's been covered several times.....

Or go to .

posted by  GreekWarrior

88-91 Civic(Hatchback)/CRX
Price: $500-2600
Class: Compact
Layout: Transverse front-engine/front-wheel drive
Engine(s):Sohc I4 1.5L 62HP 83FT-LB
Sohc I4 1.5L 70HP 83FT-LB
Sohc I4 1.5L 92HP 89FT-LB
Sohc I4 1.6L MPFI 108HP 100FT-LB
Weight,lbs: 1850(HF) 2127(CRX) 2262(Hatchback) 2335(Wagon2WD) 2628(Wagon4WD)
Tranny: 4spd manual base 3dr
5spd manual or 4spd auto DX/LX/2WD wagon/Si
6spd manual or 4spd auto 4WD wagon

Hatcback 70HP
DX,LX,2WD Wagon 92HP
Si,EX,4WD Wagon 108HP

Integra Coupe(4-Door) 1990-1993
Price: $1100-$5100
Class: Sport Compact
Layout: Transverse front-engine/front-wheel drive
Engine(s): Dohc I4 1.7L 160HP 117FT-LB
Dohc I4 1.8L 130-140HP 121-126FT-LB
Weight: 2560lbs(2605lbs)
Tranny: 5-Speed manual/4-speed overdrive automatic

GS-R(Special Sports Edition)1.7L/w VTEC

all info stolen from dsmer's post


posted by  chris1017

You're kinda :tard: if you don't think a Integra is better than a Civic :laughing:

posted by  99integra


posted by  FordFromHell351

Integra is Hondas sports car, Civic is an economy vehicle not meant for racing. Why cant people understand this?

posted by  Oomba

I know but I don't think this kid wants an economy car with no performance when the Integra is safe, reliable, sporty, and gets good gas mileage. :hi:

posted by  99integra

Thanks alot for the info guys. I pretty much did know that the integra had more performance and such but ive heard a few people i know think otherwise. so i just wanted to make sure.

posted by  La Migra

:orglaugh: ...LOL
Tegras will take the Civics anydays

posted by  nissanTFsx

Theyre probably Civic owners that think their mad VTEC can school any V8 yo! Well, theyre wrong. And very ignorant.

posted by  Oomba

because ALL the little kids when they first get thier liscence think, WOW im gunna get a Civic because i see alot of them and they are so easy to make into a tuner...but the fact is, Civics are over rated and i personally despise them...excpet the Si. But still Theres nothing you could do to a civic that nobody has already done...because they are so popular with young teens. Its a waste of money...if you wanna fix up a car, at least get something worth fixing... that stock 125hp and LOW torque aint workin.

posted by  rsxdude


posted by  theisraeli806

I like civic

posted by  sam123

we should have respect for all cars... :)

posted by  nissanTFsx

Should but don't. :laughing:

posted by  GreekWarrior

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