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Im sad to say...that im getting rid of my RSX :oops: because insurance is kicking my ass. BUT im trading it to get another car a little older... im looking at some Integras. Id love to have the Type-R...but yet again, insurance. I think what im gunna do is get an LS and do and engine swap and re-do everything to make it like a GSR or Type-R...but the insurance company will think its just a LS. I Love Integras so they are my first choice, but maybe you guys have some other ideas?

posted by  rsxdude

Yeah but think of this, if you get in an accident and it damages/totals the engine, then you would have to pay for the engine repair right outta your pocket. It doesn't matter if the car is an LS, they are actually very quick little cars but I would take the GSR :thumbs:

posted by  99integra

If you want an Integra, get a first generation LS.

posted by  FordFromHell351

well see the one that i really am looking at/want is a 97' (i like the body style) and i dont care about an accident and getting a new motor im getting a ls-vtech for 500$ (best freind has it) so thats not a problem, but the GSR is good...but insurance company say its high dollor...so i dont need that right now cause im looking to get a house. But the LS's, stock, have 142hp...thats not bad i can work with that. And they have a good bottom end and im going to drop a GSR head into it and a b16 tranny so ill be quick...plus ill do other stuff and all that.

posted by  rsxdude

this my present car... thats leaving me :'(

posted by  rsxdude

Thats too bad, its a nice one :ohcrap: How about a 1994 Acura Legend LS 6 Speed w/ the 3.2L VTEC? :hi:

posted by  FordFromHell351

Thanx. I dont know about Legends... it would be pretty nice, but im liking those Teggies. Plus i think the Legends are kinda ugly :ohcrap: Plus... im just making sure... the intake that i got for the rsx, that will only fi tthe k series engines right? or would it fir onto an integra?

posted by  rsxdude

that really is to bad. i love how everything is black, especially the rims, what kind are those?

posted by  enzo#2

It will probably only fit the k series engine.

posted by  FordFromHell351

well then i have to sell it...anyone want a Weapon R- Secret Weapon Short Ram Intake? 12hp gain and 8tq gain.... originally 230$... will sell for 150$

posted by  rsxdude

sucks to hear... is your rsx a type-s?

posted by  import_nation

nah, its non type s... i started to trade it in this past weekend for the type s...its a 50hp difference, but then again... the insurance thing comes back in even higher so i have to do with just an integra. I have looked around and hey, with any type of Integra its gunna be the same payments, so now my options have opened... GSR may be mine now.

posted by  rsxdude

how old are you? still living with parents?

posted by  importluva

i think insurance will still be expensive if you are choosing Tegras.

240sx is the way to go :thumbs:


posted by  nissanTFsx

no, living with girlfriend...and im on my own policy...always have been cause my parents are too much of asses to put me on theirs. And yeah the Teggie that im lookin at will run me in the mid 100's...unlike the mid 300's im in right now with my rsx. I hate to give it up but ooooh well

posted by  rsxdude

Legends not purdy? Oh, you just havent seen any good ones.

That has a four door on Gram lights and a two door on a little more 'bling'.

Aint bad eh?

Just perfect...perfect.

posted by  thunderbird1100

its just the fact that i dont want one and i dont like 4 door cars, and i already have that integra on its way from virginia to me. So looks like im getting that one

posted by  rsxdude

haha...2 DOOR rules! especiallly those with a liftback (hatchback, fastback...whatever you wanna call it) :wink2:

posted by  nissanTFsx

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